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November 23, 2009

Twitter adds geotagging to its API

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Though a number of mobile Twitter clients have been able to add their own level of geographical information to tweets, Twitter has now officially added geotagging capability to its API (Application Programming Interface).

It doesn’t change how the web interface works, but given that many mobile users (where geotagging is most useful) will use third-party clients, this isn’t much of a problem. read more

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November 13, 2009 Rolls Out GeoTagging Feature

Filed as News with 6 comments’s free blog hosting site has just rolled out geotagging of posts. This opt-in feature allows you to identify your location whenever you write a post.

Enabling this feature your blogs can be done either automatically by or you can set it manually yourself. read more

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August 20, 2008

Pownce Wants You to Show Your Location

Pownce wants you to share your location with Fire Eagle, a Yahoo service that just recently got integrated with Pownce. Fire Eagle is a geotagging service, so your content will be tagged with the location. Give it a go if you will, you’ll need to be logged in to get started though.

On a different note, Pownce gives every pro user who signed up during the first year another 3 months for free, as a thank you. Fair enough, but I still feel that the feature boost for non-paying users is more of an issue, and I won’t be going pro again when my subscription runs out, there is just no incentive to convince me otherwise.

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