How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Mainstream Media


Mainstream media attention can bring a slew of good things to a blog: a wider audience, new customers, high-value organic links, and tons of traffic; and can catapult a small business into the public eye.  Getting mainstream media attention is one of the fastest way to rise in SEO rankings and while some sites stumble into it through viral content and luck, there are actions that you can take to get your site noticed. As with all marketing campaigns, patience, persistence, and a systematic approach are key.

Help a Reporter Out

HARO is a free service that collects requests for sources from journalists and sends them out as an email newsletter several times a day. One of the best times to contact a journalist for media exposure is when they are already covering your niche and need a source. HARO requests are typically very specific, so it pays to be patient and wait for the right request, instead of blindly pitching as many requests as you can find. To get the most out of HARO, respond to requests quickly (reporters are always on deadline), respond thoughtfully, and be quotable. [Read more…]