Gizmodo Police Raid May Determine If Bloggers Are Journalists


After receiving a “lost” iPhone 4G prototype and publishing details about it to the world, it looks as if the Silicon Valley police (of California) have raided the home of Jason Chen of Gizmodo fame, confiscating computers, servers and a few phones.

Last Friday night, California’s Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team entered editor Jason Chen’s home without him present, seizing four computers and two servers. They did so using a warrant by Judge of Superior Court of San Mateo. According to Gaby Darbyshire, COO of Gawker Media LLC, the search warrant to remove these computers was invalid under section 1524(g) of the California Penal Code (via Gizmodo)

Before the blogosphere (and twittersphere) freak out about whether the police have violated any rights (after all, bloggers are considered journalists–right?), the police probably seized the computers in order to find out who sold Gizmodo the iPhone 4G as apart of their investigation (so let us all calm down on how evil the boys in blue are–at least in the US).

iPhone 4G leakage aside, the raid does bring up a good question of whether bloggers are considered journalists in the US, and if so, whether they are protected by California law. [Read more…]

Gizmodo duped by scammers, publishes malware-laced ads


gizmodo-we-had-malwareWhen it comes to being scammed, even the big guys can be taken in from time to time.

Gizmodo, Gawker Media’s hugely popular technology/gadget blog, has had to apologise to its readers for allowing ads containing malware to be published on its site during the past week.

Their ad sales team was duped by an elaborate scam that would have infected some users with software that may have caused random passwords and possibly initiated phishing attacks. [Read more…]

Gizmodo Mocks Best Buy, Gets Same Treatment

Ah, the wonderful world of online publishing! Tech blog Gizmodo ran a post detailing the seven types of Best Buy employees, complete with caricatures and everything. Pretty funny, right? Well, Barry Judge and his fellow Best Buy peeps thought to respond in kind which is fair, despite them only finding one type of Gizmodo bloggers. Which sparked targeted blogger Adam Frucci to respond in a post of his own.

I enjoy the humorous pop at any establishment every now and then, but I must say I enjoy it even more when the establishment joins the fray this way. It’s all good natured and all, at least on the surface. And maybe it’ll keep someone from taking something like this across the line in the future, who knows?

Gdgt Launches, Goes Down (But Comes Right Back Up)


gdgt.gifThe gadget startup gdgt, with Peter Rojas and Ryan Block at the helm, has launched. It is something of a gadget-focused community, mixing in traditional editorial content and reviews, with user generated content and a wiki-like gadget database. That wiki is the killer app, is my bet, although gdgt could do just as well with just its content. After all, they clocked in 4.7 million pageviews with their liveblog from WWDC, pre launch. The power of Rojas and Block is not to underestimated.

And gdgt might very well be an interesting site, surely one to follow. It is not like the predecessors, Engadget or Gizmodo, but more of a social beast, which is interesting. [Read more…]

Engadget to be the Official CES Blog Partner

Gadget blog Engadget, a part of AOL’s portfolio under the Weblogs Inc. brand, is apparently going to be the official CES blog, according to TechCrunch. The obvious contender for the partnership, which is a first for CES, would be Gizmodo, but after Richard Blakeley’s stunt last year, where he used TV-B-Gone to turn off exhibitor’s TV sets, I reckon the CES people would rather not have said Gawker Media blog there at all…

This is a great recognition for Engadget, so congratulations to them! CES is due on January 8-11, 2009.

Gawker Media Layoffs 19, Suspends Pageview Bonuses Temporarily

Gawker Media

Nick Denton’s successful blog network is getting ready for harder times. 19 of the 133 employers is being laid off, while another 10 is hired to strengthen the successful sites like Gawker, Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker. He’s also temporarily suspending the pageview bonus system, which have already seen some slashing, for the first quarter next year, while hinting that it might be out of the loop longer in his memo. It’s not all bad news for Gawker Media bloggers, though, since the base pay amount will be raised for the ones not getting sacked.

Denton blames the recession. [Read more…]