Respect Your Blogging Accomplishments


A wise man once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

That genius was Ferris Bueller, the fictional namesake of the ever-popular 1986 movie written and directed by John Hughes.

Time as a blogger flies by. When you’re not busy pounding out quality content, you are researching post ideas, reading about SEO, promoting your work on social networks, etc. At any given point, you are juggling a dozen different balls, and like most of the bloggers I know, you are amazing – because you keep most of them in the air. But there’s one I’ll bet you are dropping. [Read more…]

Share Your 2010 Blogging Goals


blog_goalsSetting goals is easy. Being held accountable for them is another story. Last year I set some serious blogging objectives for myself. And while I am pleased with the results, I recognize that I could have performed even better. All I needed was a cheerleader.

No, not the pom-pom wielding, short-skirt wearing type. (Though I wouldn’t complain!) But the fellow blogger who understands how important these items are to achieving my goal of going into business for myself.

Here were my 2009 blogging goals:

– Earn an additional $5k from freelance blogging
(I fell short by 35%; darn economy)

– Grow blog traffic by 10%
(Traffic grew by over 30%) [Read more…]