Most Downloaded Chrome Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier

most downloaded chrome extensions

Google Chrome is arguably the best browser in existence today. If you use Chrome as your main browser, then you’re probably reliant on several extensions. Without them, your workflow would probably be disrupted. I know that this is the case for me.

most downloaded chrome extensions
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In spite of the fact that I already have essential extensions, I do realize that there are always new ones to discover. But how do you discover new Chrome extensions that will actually make your life easier? [Read more…]

Google Chrome Web App Store Now Offering Social Friend Suggestions

Google Chrome Store Now With Friend Suggestions

Google Chrome Store Now With Friend Suggestions

Buyers browsing the Google Chrome Web App Store are now able to discover which apps their friends have downloaded and recommend.

The program has integrated with Google+ and offers recommendations when a potential buyers friend has signed in and clicked on the +1 button beside that item in the store. Buyers choose which Google+ circles to share their recommendation with and it shows up in your recommendation list when you log into the Google+ network.

Users can now review themes, extensions and app suggestions from Google+ circles followers by clicking on “From your circles” located as a link in the left category menu of the Chrome Web Store.

For users choosing to simply browse the Chrome Web App Store the apps recommended by Google+ Circle followers will be highlighted for easy perusal. [Read more…]

Top Google Chrome Extensions For Google+ Users

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Google has done it again. There’s a new browser in town and Google has pulled out all the stops to bring users a seamless experience. Google Chrome is a popular new browser that combines a simple design with complex technology while providing searches that are lightning fast plus much more.

One of the best parts of Google+ Chrome are the extensions. They make interacting fun, easy and provide a fuller experience. Here are some of the best ones (in my opinion). They have all been tested and work as they were designed to. [Read more…]

Facebook Releases Official “Like Button” Chrome Extension

Facebook Like Button Extension for Chrome

Facebook Like Button Extension for ChromeChrome internet browser users as of Friday can now “Like” posts and pictures directly from their browser thanks to the social networks new “Like” extension download.

Unlike the unofficial extension which offers the same type of functionality this official extension also shows how many other people have liked the page you’re viewing.

The extension only takes a few seconds to install and can be used on any web page a users accesses, of course most websites have already added the Like button on their own.

Upon testing the extension I found the most use in the “Like This Image” feature while browsing Reddit and ICanHasCheezeburger where the content is often image intensive. [Read more…]

15 Useful Google+ Browser Extensions for Google Chrome Browser

Skins & Share for Google+ Facebook

Google Plus

Just like many new platforms the Google+ interface is not optimal and every user might want to customize their G+ experience.
Luckily the online community is fast and several Google Chrome browser extensions for Google+ have already found their way to the Chrome Store.

Many users have already mentioned that they wished they could share better or organize their stream better, others wished that G+ had additional features or even a more colorful design. We found 15 Google+ extensions for the Chrome web browser, which can improve your G+ experience.
Neither of them is an extension to -1. ;) [Read more…]

What Makes You Think Google Could Kill Firefox?

Valleywag, ie Gawker these days, runs a story about a rumor stating that Google might stop pumping money into Firefox, and start pushing their own web browser instead, Google Chrome. The angle is pretty aggressive against Google, and the story is wrapped up with this paragraph:

It makes sense that Google would want to support its own Chrome Web browser. And yet bullying a nonprofit would seem to clash with Google’s “don’t be evil” motto. Perhaps “don’t lose money” has become more important.

[Read more…]

Google Chrome Available for Mac and Linux, Sort Of

Windows emulation masters CodeWeavers has launched CrossOver Chromium for Mac OS X and Linux. It is basically emulating the open-source content in Google Chrome, the Chromium project, under OS X and Linux, so if you’re dying to try Google’s web browser out, this is you chance.

However, beware! This is from the Q&A:

Q. Should I run CrossOver Chromium as my main browser?
A. Absolutely not! This is just a proof of concept, for fun, and to showcase what Wine can do. Chromium itself is just beginning. As the Chromium project progresses, they will be providing more compelling support for Mac OS and Linux, particularly with process security and memory management. Those future versions from Chromium will be better suited for daily use than this version.

There isn’t any native versions of Google Chrome nor Chromium itself yet, so this will have to do, unless you’re using Windows. Like most of you are.

Camino’s Mike Pinkerton Working on Mac Version of Google Chrome

This is good news for Mac users being pissed off that Google Chrome is Windows only for now. Mike Pinkerton is the main man (and a Google employee, says Venturebeat) behind the excellent non-bloated Gecko-based Camino web browser for OS X. Gecko being the rendering engine used by Firefox as well, while Chrome uses Webkit, of Safari fame. [Read more…]

Google Chrome: Reading Up While We Wait

So by now most of us have learned that Google finally is entering the browser market, with Google Chrome, an open source browser that promises a lot, but is yet to be released. It is due today, Tuesday, for in a beta version for Windows only, with Mac and Linux versions on the way. While we wait for something truly substantial on this, here’s some required reading:

Personally, while I’m excited about a lot of things in Google Chrome, I’ll keep quiet until the browser is actually available in beta. It sounds good though. One final thought, however. Google went with Webkit (used in Safari), not Mozilla’s Gecko engine. That’s got to hurt…