4 Key Points on Cloud Computing


cloud-computingCloud Computing is a buzzword that has been floating around the web over the past few years and certainly even the least tech-wise of us all have encountered the technology at some level. Whether it’s through the use of common web services or devices at your place of work. The technology is impossible to avoid and is now a critical component in our daily personal and business lives.

Cloud computing is leveraging the now much lower costs of internet bandwidth, hardware and network infrastructure to deliver network services to economies of scale. Essentially, pooling resources to deliver cost-effective internet-based services to businesses and for personal use. So technical implementations and services which cost hundreds and thousands of dollars a decade ago are now available for a few dollars per month.

So, are you leveraging the power of this ever-evolving technology? If not, here are 4 reasons why you should seriously consider. [Read more…]

Google Docs Now Offering “Offline” Editing

Google Docs Viewer

Google Docs ViewerBig news out of the Google I/O conference on Thursday as the company announced the ability to edit Google Docs offline with the help of Google Drive.

Taking the stage at the conference was Clay Bevor, director of product management for Google Apps who accessed his Google Drive platform and pulled up a Google Doc without the need for WiFi or hardwired connectivity.

According to Google offline editing will be made available for various devices including Windows PCs with the Google Chrome browser and Apple’s line of iOS devices.

The move could be a big boost for travelers who may not have WiFi on select flights and for field users in remote areas who need to update documents but do not necessarily need to share those documents until they have internet connection. [Read more…]

The Cloud + The Netbook = A Blogger’s Best Friend?

Eee PC 701

The Cloud is any blogger’s best friend. In a way, we’re already very attached to the cloud by the fact that we’re bloggers, which of course means that we’re working with online interfaces already. Webmail and online RSS readers are our tools, and we use online storage if needed. Some of us take it longer than others, but I think it is a fair guess to at least place the technical bloggers in the box of cloud users.

With that in mind, and the notion that bloggers are somewhat similar to the hip freelancing cloud, it is not such a long shot to consider the netbooks, with the Asus Eee PC as the one paving the way, as the ultimate blogging tool. It is as portable as it can get, pretty minimal, and very online focused. Most netbooks are made to be used on the go, with short boot up times, fairly long stand-by times, and with the web in focus. Using wifi hotspots at cafes, railway stations, or whatever, and 3G/similar mobile networks when wifi isn’t available, gives you a constant on and online life. [Read more…]