Google “Takeout” App Now Lets Users Fuse Multiple Accounts Into One

Google Takeout For Google Plus Migration

Google Takeout For Google Plus MigrationIf you’re like me you have a Google+ account for business, one for work and possibly even a few more for websites you own or people you stalk (hopefully not this last one). Google+ engineers realize that with multiple accounts some users become frustrated by their upkeep and that’s where “Takeout” comes into play.

The new app by Google+ engineers allows users to access all of their Google+ accounts and roll them into a singular social network account. By doing so a users social connections and friend lists are transferred to the account of their choosing without any hassle.

The new platform was revealed in an official Google+ post by Ronald Ho.

The tool is very simple to use, allowing users to funnel outside accounts into their main account. Information that can be transferred includes friends, information and blocking settings. Once you have transferred everyone over to your singular account your contact will notice no difference, still seeing your information when they look you up or see your shares in social search results.

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Google Makes Website Linking To Google+ Pages Easier

Google Plus Linking Websites

Google Plus Linking Websites

Google+ has not always had the highest level of engagement for business owners, that is because website guru’s often fail to update their Google+ pages with the same voracity as their Google+ pages. Now thanks to a new Google+ integration users can link their websites and show updates to their followers.

Google+ has been touting website connectivity for a while but on Tuesday they rolled out a new improvement to that feature that allows users to follow just a few short steps at which point their website is connected.

The benefit? When users search Google they will see your most recent content directly in the search engines results. Can everyone say SEO advantage?

Here’s all you have to do in order to connect your pages: [Read more…]

Google News Buddies Up To Google+ With Further Integration

Google News and Google Plus Integration

Google News and Google Plus IntegrationGoogle News on Friday added some new upgrades to its platform including larger thumbnail photos that dynamically expand when stories are selected and the ability to more robustly share information via Google+.

Speaking about the company’s new Google+ integration a representative for Google wrote in a blog post:

“Many news stories inspire vibrant discussions on Google+, and today we’re starting to add this content to both the News homepage, and the realtime coverage pages.”

If you want to see just headlines the feature can be turned off, otherwise you will see news from your circles, journalists and other “notable” writers right on the Google News homepage.  [Read more…]

Google+ Now Has 90 Million Users, Growing Rapidly

Google Plus 90 Million Users

Google Plus 90 Million UsersGoogle+ is cruising along these days and that fact was buoyed by Google CEO Larry Page on Thursday when he announced during the company’s quarterly finance meeting that Google+ is now serving more than 90 million users.

When you take into consideration the fact that Google+ was reporting just 40 million users in October 2011 the improvement in usage is astounding.

In December 2011 Google+ watcher Paul Allen predicted that the social network had 62 million users while Experian Hitwise has predicted 400 million users by the end of 2012. [Read more…]

Google+ Integrates With Google Search, Personalizes The Web

Google Plus Search Integration

Google Plus Search Integration

We knew it was only a matter of time before Google+ and Google search were integrated in some way and on Tuesday Google rolled out that system. Under the deeply integrated platforms Google users who are logged into their Google+ accounts and to a smaller extent their other Google accounts will now see general search results along with the option to find results based off their Google+ friends network.

Using the search Google+ users can search their circles, photos, posts and a huge list of other on-site options.

Google has dubbed their new search platform Search Across The World and have given users the option to not just search a public database of websites, photos and other information but also a more private web consisting of your friends, co-workers, family and other Google+ followers.

To ensure there is no confusion over the new system all Google+ results are clearly annotated as such for example if searching for a photo (see above) you can see which friend shares the picture of the dog breed you are searching for.

Here’s a video showing the awesome capabilities of the new Google+ search integration for [Read more…]

Google+ Witnesses Huge Membership Growth, Could Reach 400 Million In 2012

Google Plus Membership Growth

Google Plus Membership Growth

Google+ still has a long way to go before the social network catches up to Facebook but recent numbers have proven once again that decent growth potential is being witnessed by the team at Google.

Experian Hitwise reported on Monday that the social network more than doubled it’s traffic in December. On their Twitter account the Experian team added:

“Google+ total US visits reach more than 49 million in Dec-11, biggest month to date & up 55% compared to Nov-11” [Read more…]

Britney Spears First Google+ User To Reach One Million Circles

Britney Spears Google Plus Page

Britney Spears Google Plus Page

Britney Spears on Friday became the first Google+ celebrity to officially surpass the one million circles milestone.

The find, made by The Next Web also reveals that Spears is the most followed person on Google+

Based on current numbers and the time since her page went live she’s literally receiving thousands of new followers every single hour of the day.

While Britney has the most fans on the service his content is hardly the type of marketing genius we would have hoped to find from a leading Google+ user. For example here’s her most recent Google+ update:  [Read more…]

Google+ Publishes Page Building Guide For Politicians

Google Plus For Politics

Google Plus For Politics

With the 2012 election cycle quickly approaching the team at Google+ has posted a guide for politicians and candidates, a step-by-step set of instructions for creating the perfect politician page for interacting with voters and constituents.

According to Google the guide is meant to help candidates:

“Promote an issue(s), platform or cause across the web.”

In the guide Google shows off the pages of Mitt Romney, Sen. Bernie Sanders and others who have already taken advantage of the Google+ platform to spread their messages. Other politicians also using Google+ at this time including President Obama and Newt Gingrich. [Read more…]

Google+ Gets First Commercial, Claims To Be Like ‘Real Life’

Google Plus Commercial

Google Plus CommercialGoogle on Thursday released their first Google+ commercial and in the TV spot the company attempts to convince users that their system is like “sharing but in real life.”

First aired during the Lions vs. Packers football game the spot focuses on the ways in which Google+ is different than Facebook, for examine how Circles allows users to organize their friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family and others into different circles, while also emphasizing the use of Google Hangouts.

Google has had a great deal of success with commercials in the past, including their Google Parisian Love Super Bowl commercial which brought a great deal of positive reviews to the company’s evolving search platform. Google also launched a Google Chrome TV commercial over the summer that featured pop star Justin Bieber.

Here’s the Google+ Sharing But Like Real Life commercial: [Read more…]

Google Plus Now Business Friendly

google plus

Google Plus is the social media service that Google has recently released and it has been suggested that this service is a direct move against Facebook which is the leading social media website today.

Much praise should be given to the Google team for the constant innovations they seem to bring out; moreover the smooth roll out of Google Plus was also slickly done. Instead of launching it to the entire world, they selected certain countries first of all and then as and when issues arouse they solved them in a timely manner.

Also rather than launching the finished product with all its features, they did the release of Google Plus in a more progressive way so that people could get used to the new social media service without getting confused by to many features. [Read more…]