Google+ for iPhone Released. Not Compatible with iPad and iPod Touch

Google+ for iPhone
Google+ for iPhone

Google+ for iPhone

After little more than 2 weeks of wait, the Apple App Store crew has finally approved the Google+ app for iOS.

Sadly for many users it does seem that the app only runs on the iPhone, and not on iPod touches (even not latest generation). So far no iPad specific app has been released either and the app does not run on iPads. Rumors around the internet confirm that the Google+ app for iPhone only runs on iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

If you can not find the app in the app store, via a search, try this link to the iTunes Store.

Where very often the iOS apps the more polished ones are, Foursquare being the best example, the Google+ app for iPhone does not belong in that category and it seems that the app was developed by developers without any eye to particular design. While both apps are very similar, the Android Google+ app is the clear winner when it comes to polish, design and interface. The iPhone app just doesn’t feel as finished.

At least WordPress fans will love the design of user profiles in Google+ for iPhone. [Read more…]

15 Useful Google+ Browser Extensions for Google Chrome Browser

Skins & Share for Google+ Facebook

Google Plus

Just like many new platforms the Google+ interface is not optimal and every user might want to customize their G+ experience.
Luckily the online community is fast and several Google Chrome browser extensions for Google+ have already found their way to the Chrome Store.

Many users have already mentioned that they wished they could share better or organize their stream better, others wished that G+ had additional features or even a more colorful design. We found 15 Google+ extensions for the Chrome web browser, which can improve your G+ experience.
Neither of them is an extension to -1. ;) [Read more…]

Track Google+ Analytics and Influence with BuzzRank’s Plusalyzer

Plusalyzer by BuzzRank

Plusalyzer by BuzzRank

In a rather unsurprising move, more and more companies have started to develop online Google+ analytics and tracking platforms, adding to their stable of social analytics. Even before any form of Google+ API has been released so far, and with mixed results.

Only days after Google+ was opened to a select group of people, FindPeopleonPlus was released, tracking 1 million Google+ users. Since the service received its 5 minutes of fame the number of people tracked hasn’t grown anymore and statistics haven’t been updated either, even though Google+ has grown to rather large numbers in less than a month already.

The newest kid in town, Plusalyzer by the German BuzzRank team, now tries to deliver the user a more in-depth level of statistics for their contributions to the social network. [Read more…]

Facebook Won’t Allow Advertisers To Mention Google+ Profiles

Google Plus

Google PlusI don’t get Facebook’s advertising policies, I constantly receive crappy ads asking me to lose weight, work from home and perform other mundane tasks that I don’t want or need, yet when someone tries to send me to their Google Plus profile in the form of an advert, a site where even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a profile those ads are deleted and the advertiser is banned from the networks promotions system.

That’s the exact scenario that happened to Michael Lee Johnson this week when he created a Facebook ad which asked Facebook users to join him via his Google Plus profile.

Not only did Facebook shut down Michael’s Google Plus ad campaign, they shut down all of his other advertising campaigns on the social network and then banned him from using the advert system all together, even for non-Google Plus ads. [Read more…]

Google+ Exodus, The Simplest Tool to Invite Your Facebook Friends to Google+


Google+ Exodus

For many the main decision to make when moving to Google+ is whether they will leave their social graph behind and start to rebuild from scratch at a new network. While we know that more than 10 million users have signed up for the new service from Google, Facebook has played a role for many and millions of users have developed their social online network over years.

The decision whether to move to a new network and possibly be alone, or have only is small circle, is one many users will not take easily. The new tool Google+ Exodus could come to the rescue.

Two Tufts University alumnis, Jack Carter and Albert Nichols created Google+ Exodus, which could make the transition easier. [Read more…]

Larry Page on Google+: Now 10 million strong

Larry Page   Google+ Now 10 million

In a Google+ account, Google Chief Executive Officer Larry Page announce one key statistic: Google+ has reached 10 million registered users.

Google CEO Larry Page announces key stat: Google+ now at 10 million registered users

In the Google+ account, Page says: “Google+ is still only in field trial with limited access as we scale the system. Users have to be invited, sign up with a profile in order to use it.  However, the growth on Google+ has been great–and I’m excited to release some new metrics for you today: Over 10M people have joined Google+. There’s also a ton of activity.  We are seeing over 1 billion items shared and received in a single day.

Page also released more key statistics that indicate what could be a surge that reaches throughout the organization.

[Read more…]

Google+ To Allow Gender Identity To Stay Hidden

Facebook Vs Google

Facebook Vs GoogleGender identity on social networks such as Myspace, Facebook and LinkedIn have always been a given part of a users experience however Google+ has decided to change that fact by providing users with the option to hide their identities.

Starting this week Google+ user will be able to hide their gender which currently includes male, female and “other” options. According to a Google product manager the company decided to offer the option to turn off gender displays because:

“Gender can be a sensitive topic, especially on the Internet.”

Under the new program users can keep their gender displays entirely public or private and they can even choose to create different settings based on “circles” which means family, friends and co-workers may be able to see your gender if you choose while your more “public” profiles can be limited to only the “Circles” for which you choose to hide that information.

Google will still require that users identify a gender in their accounts, an important aspect of most social network advertising as advertisers like to geographically target certain groups based on gender, location, age and other variables. Google is also requiring some type of gender be given so they know which pronouns to use for your account. [Read more…]

Has Google+ Already Surpassed 25 Million Users?

Search for Google+ Profiles via Google

Google Plus

Since Google+ launched, we have been left wondering how many users signed up, and were able to join in the first days. Wild estimates and predictions have been made, including complicated prognoses based on surnames. The latest and most widespread one by Paul Allen said that Google+ could surpass 20 million users by this weekend, as we reported here at The Blog Herald.

Until the Google(+) overlords decide they will publish user stats, we can only guess and guesses will continue to be made. But the service could be much more popular than expected already and with help of the Palo Alto search giant’s own tools, I discovered the rather amazing number of 40,100,000 profiles already. [Read more…]

Google+ to hit 20 Million by weekend

Google+ (Plus) may already hit 10 million registered users and is expected to hit 20 million users by this weekend.  But it’s still a long way off from Facebook’s 750 million registered users.

If Google were just counting on its estimated Gmail subscriber base, it won’t catch up with Facebook at all.  But perhaps the bigger source of sign-ups will come from people who use Google search where people all over the world key in more than one billion searches a week.

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Life after Google+: Going around in Circles

Find and invite.  Social Media isn't social at all without "friends".

Will Google+ (plus) bitch slap Facebook and Twitter?  Will the king of search become the king of social too?

There are a number of ways to look at the brewing feud between Google+ and two of the most popular social media sites.  One way is to look at the numbers of registered users, another way is look at the quality of user experience, and yet another is the revenue that the sites generate — not just for itself, but for its users.

Right now, in terms of number and user experience, Google+ has a sparse landscape.  There are no page updates, no game or application notifications, no mindless tagging, no incessant and irrelevant wall posts, and no scrolling streams of updates.

Coming from Facebook or Twitter, it can feel like opening a window and finding yourself confronted with an Alaskan or Siberian landscape after all the snow in the world has fallen.

The usual question that comes to mind is, “So, what’s next?” and answering it is actually when the “fun” starts.

It actually begins when you start looking for other people that you know who are already on Google+ and start adding them in “Circles”.

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