Google Profiles Gets A Streamlined Look, It’s About Time

Google Profiles Redesign

Google Profiles Redesign - ThumbnailGoogle Profiles is looking a whole lot more snazzy today after the company released a complete redesign with pictures and user information added to the mix.

Using the program users can set their profile as “visible to everyone” which will then show their information at the top of Google Search results when someone searches for their name, given they don’t have a common name like mine (James Johnson).

Google obviously stole a note from Facebook, featuring the users photo at the top left corner of their page, with their most important information directly below those photos. Users can then navigate down the main middle part of the profile page to find more photos, employment info, education and the users location.

If you want to use your Google Profile you can visit but don’t expect any type of Facebook rival type page to be displayed, it’s a nice redesign but far from groundbreaking. [Read more…]