Bloglines Founder Considering Switching to Google Reader

Wow, this must be embarrassing to the Bloglines team, when founder Mark Fletcher (who sold Bloglines to in 2005) is considering to move to Google Reader for his RSS fix:

Bloglines, please stop sucking. It’s been a couple weeks now. I don’t want to have to move to Google Reader. Sigh.

Found via TechCrunch, who has one of several feeds that just won’t update in Bloglines. Hopefully they’ll get their act together soon, otherwise the web is likely to loose one of the few competitors to Google Reader…

Google Redundancy: Google Reader Resubscibes To Blogs I Already Read?

New (Annoying) gReader Feature

It looks as if the Google Reader team has launched a new feature within their feed reader that basically informs you about blogs you have already subscribed to (at least those powered by blogger aka blog*spot).

New (Annoying) gReader Feature

New (Annoying) gReader Feature

Google basically created a folder/label titled “Blogs I’m following,” which appears near the top of the list (thanks in part to them listing the feeds in alphabetical order).

Update: It appears as if the Google Reader team has removed this feature (after a few complaints in their forum and in the blogospere).

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