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November 17, 2009

What Can Translation Services Do For Your Blog?

Google Translate, and several other online service, are getting really good at breaking down the language barrier online. You can direct translate web pages, or just words and phrases. As they get better, those Translate buttons on blog posts will be less of a novelty and more of a too, at least potentially. read more

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July 27, 2009

Send Translated Tweets with Twinslator

You just got to love all these nifty little Twitter services. Most of them don’t really add much, but they are fun and inventive. Like Twinslator, a translating service for Twitter that lets you type in something in your language of choice, and then translate it to another one. Naturally, you can tweet it right away, and it works well enough. I’m a bit surprised to see that @blogherald got translated to @ blog Herald, but the reason for this is of course that Twinslator relies on Google Translate for their translation services. read more

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