Google Acquires Angstro, GoogleMe Seems To Be Shaping Up Nicely

Rohit Khare

Rohit KhareGoogle today announced the acquisition of social-graph and  news content startup Angstro.

According to ReadWriteWeb, the Angstro website describes themselves as:

“Inspired by the angstrom unit of measure (0.1 nanometre) named after Swedish physicist Anders Jonas Angstrom, Angstro represents the ability to hone in on highly focused, relevant news across professional networks. Where search engines such as Google and other news aggregator services have immense infrastructures that return a huge array of random results, Angstro analyses a wide breadth of information from multiple data sources to deliver very few, yet very intelligent results.”

With the acquisition The L.A. Times is also reporting that company co-founder Rohit Khare has been hired to help mold the companies newly forming social network. Khare is a respected Internet researcher and will help Google form the look and feel of the new network. [Read more…]