7 Tips to Attract Guest Bloggers to Your Site


Guest bloggers can be a godsend to your site. Not only can they take the burden off of writing the content for your site, but they are also a powerful way to attract inbound links to your site as your guests link to their posts from their sites.

However, attracting guest bloggers can be very difficult. Since virtually every site would love a little help and there are only so many with the time and interest to provide free content, the market for guest bloggers can be a competitive one, especially for high-quality bloggers.

So how can you attract guest bloggers to your site? Here are seven tips that can help you keep a steady stream of willing bloggers at your door.

1. Use SEO

Most people seeking to do guest blog posts will research who to ask the same way most people research any topic on the Web, by using Google. Make sure that your site scores well in your field for the term “guest blogger” or “guest blogging” to ensure that those who are interested find you first.

For example, if your site is about monitors, you want to ensure you rank at the top for “Monitor Guest Blogging” and related keywords. For this you would need to do the right on-page optimization and have some external links with the right anchor text. [Read more…]