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December 10, 2014

Effective Ways to Get Relevant Traffic

Heavy traffic in real life may be a bane to a commuter’s everyday life, but when you’re running a website, it’s gold. Having internet users visit your website is a really good thing, but for your website to be effective, the traffic needs to be looking for what you have to offer. They should be seeking the product or service of your website, be it a legitimate business or a simple blog site. Driving relevant traffic to your website can be done through effective marketing, and here are ways on how to quarry this valuable resource:

Relevant Traffic


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May 7, 2014

The Butterfly Effect of Matt Cutts’ Comments on Guest Blogging

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We may be well into the 2nd quarter of the year, but January 20, 2014 is a day which will live in infamy. This was the day that Google’s SEO and webspam aficionado, Matt Cutts dropped some comments that rocked the guest blogosphere. Fires were set, cannons roared, and chaos reigned. Digital marketers ran headlong out of their corner office windows in order to avoid the disparaging fallout to follow…

Matt Cutts
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Luckily, they were on the first floor, but never mind that.

The point is the entire industry shifted, and further developments have only gotten juicier. Whereas it was once fairly simple to avoid being penalized or dropped from Google indexes, now there are a new set of standards to abide by within an entire genre of link building. Let’s begin our examination with a sobering view of what Google’s go-to SEO guru actually had to say on the subject of guest blogging. read more

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March 3, 2014

Guest Blogging After the Death of Guest Blogging

When Google condemns something publicly, or makes a sweeping statement like “guest blogging is dead,” anybody who’s got an interest in Internet culture tends to sit up and pay attention. Google’s decisions and changes throughout the years have been driving forces in the blogging world, so you can imagine that the purported death of guest blogging has both professional and casual bloggers alike bracing for sweeping changes.

Happy with Global warming?

So Whats the Story? read more

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July 12, 2013

How to Find Blogs to Pitch Guest Posts

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Guest blogging can be a great way to grow your credibility and online presence (as well as giving links back to your website). Many potential clients and new acquaintances have connected with me through social media or my website after seeing a guest post I’ve written.  Besides connecting with readers that have read posts, it is also worthwhile to build strong relationships with the blog owners themselves.

By knowing several different bloggers that are in your industry, you can open yourself up to a variety of different possibilities– possible content for your own blog, sponsorship, partnerships, and more.

Finding Guest Posts

In order to find industry-specific guest posts, there are a string of search phrases you can use to find blogs. These include:

  • write for us + [industry keyword]
  • guest blogging + [industry keyword]
  • guest bloggers + [industry keyword]
  • contribute + [industry keyword]
  • guest post + [industry keyword]

These searches and related variations will help you find several different blogs that you can pitch to.

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March 8, 2013

How to Handle the 11 Most Common Scenarios in Guest Blogging

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If you’ve ever tried guest blogging then you know that it’s not always as easy as some people want you to believe it is.

For instance, there’s an awful lot of articles online talking about the importance of guest blogging and the benefits it can bring, which is all fine.

However, there’s lot less info on how to actually deal with guest blogging on the networking side (how to handle the common scenarios you can encounter when contacting people and sending your articles).

Basically, the idea of guest blogging itself is quite simple. You find a blog, send an article, and get published, but the practice shows that things often get a bit more complicated. Here’s how to deal with this.

Image credit: ScottieT812

The stages of guest blogging

Finding quality and relevant blogs where you can guest post is something you can surely do on your own, so I’m not going to talk about it here. What I am going to focus on is what happens after you decide to target a given blog.

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February 7, 2012

Guest Posting vs. Article Marketing: The Importance of Understanding The Difference

Guest PostingIn the last couple of years, guest posting on other people’s blogs has become a solid marketing technique. At first, the idea of letting some stranger post their content on your blog seemed ludicrous. However, many bloggers realized the benefits of more fresh unique content, and the wheel has been rolling ever since. I have personally guest posted on many different blogs, and I have noticed that guest posting is sometimes clumped together with article marketing as if they are “basically the same thing.” They are NOT the same thing. There are many differences, and that is what I want to explore. Let’s start with the similarities of the two: read more

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April 18, 2011

4 Tips for Advanced Guest Bloggers

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As most of you already know, guest blogging is one of the coolest and most valuable ways of marketing your business and promoting your blog. But the thing about guest blogging is that it gets to be a much more effective promotional tool the better and better you get at it. Once you’ve been practicing guest blogging for awhile, you’ll be able to approach more highly-ranked blogs, in the PR-6 plus range. Getting published on such blogs will astronomically increase your own traffic and page ranking, so once you feel comfortable enough with your writing skills and niche expertise, it definitely pays to go for the big dogs. Here are a few tips for snagging a guest post spot on higher-quality blogs.

1. Always pitch a thoroughly-researched idea in your initial email. This is one of the most important parts of getting your foot in the door with a highly-ranked blog. This is so because a PR6 + blogger probably has no problems getting content up as some of the lower-ranked blogs do. As such, the blog you are aiming for doesn’t “need” you to drum up content, so you will have to prove your worth by doing tons of research and carefully delineating an idea that will appeal to the blog’s audience. read more

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November 22, 2010

7 Tips to Attract Guest Bloggers to Your Site

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Guest bloggers can be a godsend to your site. Not only can they take the burden off of writing the content for your site, but they are also a powerful way to attract inbound links to your site as your guests link to their posts from their sites.

However, attracting guest bloggers can be very difficult. Since virtually every site would love a little help and there are only so many with the time and interest to provide free content, the market for guest bloggers can be a competitive one, especially for high-quality bloggers.

So how can you attract guest bloggers to your site? Here are seven tips that can help you keep a steady stream of willing bloggers at your door.

1. Use SEO

Most people seeking to do guest blog posts will research who to ask the same way most people research any topic on the Web, by using Google. Make sure that your site scores well in your field for the term “guest blogger” or “guest blogging” to ensure that those who are interested find you first.

For example, if your site is about monitors, you want to ensure you rank at the top for “Monitor Guest Blogging” and related keywords. For this you would need to do the right on-page optimization and have some external links with the right anchor text. read more

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April 5, 2010

The Ten Steps To Arranging and Writing a Killer Guest Post

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Killer guest postTo me, guest posting has been by far the most effective free way to promote a resource (as well as my brand). That wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that everything I have ever achieved in my online career was due to my guest posts. I wouldn’t like anyone to think about guest posting as a link building (or SEO) tool though. There is much more behind the tactic. It builds long-term contacts, exposes your resources to a wide interested audience, promotes your brand and expertise, and many more. But yes, it takes much time and effort and is only effective when taken seriously. So the aim of this post is to actually describe this serious approach to guest blogging step by step – to make sure the tactic works for you.

Step 1: Search for guest posting opportunities

Unless you are about to start guest posting on a weekly basis, spotting a promising guest posting opportunity shouldn’t be a problem for you. Most niches have high-profile blogs that are known for accepting guest posts (and frequently featuring them). For social-media-relates topics this is Mashable, for productivity it’s Lifehack, for copywriting it’s CopyBlogger, etc. Arranging a post at such a busy places is not an easy task, but the outcome is amazing, so you should give it a try. read more

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December 16, 2008

Exploring Social Media: Promoting Your Link Backs to You

Exploring Social Media article series badgeYesterday in Exploring Social Media: The Power of the Link Needs Content, I introduced the most powerful social media tool in the world, the link, and explained that unless you have make the link direct people to valuable and useful content, you are shooting blanks. The link makes a lot of noise with nothing to show for it.

The impact of linking to yourself is magnified in value. When you email or publish a link to something you wrote, recommending it, you are telling the world:

  • I know that which I write about.
  • I am an expert in the subject.
  • I have the experience to back up what I’m writing.
  • This is the best I can do.

Do your links qualify?

When you contact a blogger or anyone to encourage them to link to you, do you keep these things in mind? Are you offering your best work? Does your blog or social media tool show the world you are an expert in this?

If you have the proof behind your link, then maybe your failure is in the presentation of that link, especially when directed towards bloggers, the most capable of spreading the word far and wide about you and your blog. read more

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