How to Find Blogs to Pitch Guest Posts

Guest blogging can be a great way to grow your credibility and online presence (as well as giving links back to your website). Many potential clients and new acquaintances have connected with me through social media or my website after seeing a guest post I’ve written.  Besides connecting with readers that have read posts, it is also worthwhile to build strong relationships with the blog owners themselves.

By knowing several different bloggers that are in your industry, you can open yourself up to a variety of different possibilities– possible content for your own blog, sponsorship, partnerships, and more.

Finding Guest Posts

In order to find industry-specific guest posts, there are a string of search phrases you can use to find blogs. These include:

  • write for us + [industry keyword]
  • guest blogging + [industry keyword]
  • guest bloggers + [industry keyword]
  • contribute + [industry keyword]
  • guest post + [industry keyword]

These searches and related variations will help you find several different blogs that you can pitch to.

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How Guest Posting Will Boost Your SEO Value



Many websites consider allowing guest posting in order to help boost their ratings. On the other hand, some websites choose to guest post on other sites in order to help boost their rankings. In both of these cases, you can watch your ratings go through the roof so long as you execute your posts correctly.

For this reason, you might want to think about how guest posting can help your SEO value out. There are several different reasons behind how guest posting will help you, and it is important to understand how it can benefit you. By understanding how guest posts can help you, you will be able to make sure that you use them efficiently. [Read more…] Launches Guest Content Forum, Helps Writers Gain A New Audience

FWJ Forum Post

FWJ Forum PostBlogHerald is part of a larger conglomerate known as  Splashpress Media, a network that services niche websites from parenting and writing to social media and internet news. One of the sites in the SPM family is the popular freelance writer website We are now proud to announced that freelance writers to that site have the opportunity to gain some exposure for themselves across the Splashpress Media network!

The guest posting program is simple to take part in, just visit the FWJ content FORUM and then click over to the Looking for a guest author section. In that section you will see various sites we are currently offering for guest post opportunities. You will notice that each section has its own requirements which match the content of the website.

Among some of the popular sites users can choose to write for include Apple Gazette, BloggingPro, 901AM and others.

Guest bloggers simply submit their content and the SPM editorial team picks the best content for the sites offering guest blogging opportunities. [Read more…]

Is Feedburner Still Relevant?


This is a guest entry by Jean-Baptiste Jung from Cats Who Blog.

Feedburner, the popular RSS tool, is used by many bloggers to serve feeds to their readers, but also in order to know how many people are currently subscribing to their blog using RSS. Despite the fact it can be easily hijacked, RSS subscriber count is one of the ways used to measure the popularity of a blog.

Back in 2008, Feedburner was bought by Google. It sounded interesting at first, but no significant improvements were made to the service, and shortly after Google took ownership, a major problem occurred, and millions of blogs saw their count dive from 5000 to 500.

Since last month, I have seen my subscriber count going up and down every day and show unrealistic numbers.
Look at the screenshort below:

On June 12, CatsWhoBlog had 1,730 RSS readers. Three days later, it had 1,110. And on June 21, according to Feedburner, only 437 were still reading my blog. [Read more…]

Why Guest Blogging is Useless for Link Building

My Blog Guest - Guest bloggers community

Guest posting NOT for linksThis is a guest post is by Ann Smarty, founder of a community of guest bloggers: My Blog Guest and first contribution as part of a new My Blog Guest – Splashpress Media partnership.

I used to be highly advocative of guest blogging as an effective link building strategy. I used to tell people that this way they could get a quality link back from a high-authority website for free. I used to say, these links (coming from high-quality content) are well-deserved and thus can’t be frowned upon by Google.

But now I wish I hadn’t said that.

Like many other things done online to promote yourself, the concept of guest blogging as the way to build links is being so much abused that it makes me shudder.

People go around spreading poor-quality content (even paying sometimes to get it posted on the blog) and call that “guest posting”. They send spam guest posting pitches and tell you they would “guest post for you for free” (never trust a spammer offering you anything for free. Spammers have nothing of value to offer!).

Now I am telling you: Don’t build links using guest posts. Forget about links. [Read more…]

Sunday Morning SEO: The Best SEO Advice I Have For Bloggers

If I had just one SEO tip to recommend to my fellow bloggers, it would be to write guest posts.

I recommend guest posting because link building is so important in SEO. Many webmasters neglect to build links so you’ll have a competitive advantage if you guest post. And the quantity and quality of your backlinks is the most important factor to ranking well for a wide variety of keywords and the competitive keywords with high search volume.

Sure, you can try other link building methods but these days guest posting gives you the best return for your time.  Here are a couple reasons why. [Read more…]