The Best $50 I Ever Spent on My Blog: Part 3


best_50_applicantsWhen applying for a job, albeit a full-time gig or freelance stint, it is of critical importance to stand out form the crowd. Via electronic communication, your options are limited. That means you better have a kick ass subject line or opening line. It has to be relevant to the job post, well written, and unique.

Less than 10% of applicants did this successfully, making this tip even more important. If you are applying for a job, start out strong! Here are a few of my favorite opening lines… [Read more…]

Looking for interviewees & some other folks

I’m in the market for folks that are willing to be interviewed for The Blog Herald Podcast – or just for text interviews via email for later publication on The Blog Herald.

The requirements are pretty simple – be a blogger with a reasonable amount of traffic (or a podcaster).

In addition, I’m looking to hear from folks who are doing any of the following:

  • Spending some time blogging / working in a coworking environment
  • Planning on attending either the DNC or RNC as a blogger this year
  • Successfully integrating twitter into a larger corporation

If you’re any of the above – drop me a note in the comments – I’m looking for more information in those areas for upcoming stories.