Search Engine History

Search History

Ovewr at Performancing a new infographic about search engines has been released by the Infographiclabs team. After the detailed Google History graphic we recently published, this new infographic takes a look a the different search engines there have been in the last 20 years. A trip down memory lane for everyone who’s been online longer than 5 years now. You can view the complete infographic at Performancing.

Google’s History: A Visual Look at the Search Engine’s Timeline

Google's History: The Timeline of Google

Ever since its launch in 1998, the company founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, has continued to grow and always expanded more and more. Today when thinking of Google it isn’t just a search engine anymore but also one of the biggest advertising platform world wide (the biggest?), a software distributor and a mobile phone manufacturer. Google is rumoured to venture even further and recently announced Google TV, an operating system for television sets. Only yesterday the company announced that it is positioning itself better in the VOIP and telephony space as well. Nobody knows when the company will stop to acquire and expand its services.

The Blog Herald team had a look at the history and timeline of Google and all this info was compiled in an infographic.

Timeline of Google's history and expansion

Thanks to the team of Infographiclabs who created this infographic for us.

Personal Blogs Preserve and Shake Our World

Talking, talking. Spinning a web of words, pale walls of dreams, between myself and all I see.
John Gardner, Grendel

We spend a lot of time on the talking about the steps you need to take to convert your blog into a business and run it as one. Rarely do we pay attention to the personal blogger, the ones inspired to share their day-to-day adventures and thoughts with the world. Personal bloggers are important, very important, and they often get little respect.

Blogging started from online journals, diaries with stories from our life shared with others. They evolved to include comments, conversations with others about shared life experiences and memories, learning as we go along our shared paths.

With the push towards turning blogs into businesses, is there still room for the personal blogger, the diary blogger, the journaling writer? The blogger who doesn’t want to make money but wants to tell their story?

I think there is and I hope there will always be.
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