Twitter Crawl 2.0 hits Sunset Strip tomorrow

Anyone who suggests that Twitter and the like are killing real community should take a look at “Tweet Crawl 2.0”, taking place tomorrow on the Sunset Strip.

Following July’s successful event, organisers have decided to do it again, with participants simply tweeting as they crawl their way down various clubs on the Strip.

Starting at The Standard, Hollywood at 6.30pm, it takes in The Andaz, The Comedy Store, Book Soup, The Viper Room and The Roxy Theatre.

“We’re having a blast turning a burgeoning online community into a real world party,” said Nathan Levinson, marketing director, Viper Room. “We’re all ecstatic about Tweet Crawl 2.0 (#StripCrawl) just two days before the kickoff of the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Count on festival tickets to be among the prizes up for grabs on this go. We’re also proud to announce the addition of The Standard hotel in West Hollywood and Book Soup, making this Crawl a six-stop venture, which will kickoff poolside at The Standard, Hollywood, with gourmet hot dogs and drink specials.”

So expect some increasingly nonsensical tweets on #StripCrawl as tomorrow evening progresses.

Twitter VIP Concierge: helping celebs for not much cash

Those working near or in Hollywood and already “well-connected to the Hollywood publicity machine” may want to consider limbering up for a rather vague job opening with Twitter.

Although Twitter admits that “we don’t have a description written for this yet”, there are a few clues on the job listing.

Apparently, “the job is to be a ‘high touch’ point of contact at Twitter for the burgeoning number of celebrities on the service”, ensuring that celebs are happy and using the product effectively. [Read more…]

How Movies Are Made: Film Industry Bloggers

Ever dream of leaving your mundane job behind and breaking into the movie industry? Since for most of us, that vision will never turn into a reality, we’ve got the next best thing: Film Industry Bloggers. This new blog features posts from everyone who make movies happen. Namely, the folks whose names fly by in the credits as you navigate your way down a sticky hallway.

As you can imagine, these jobs are not all glitz and glamor. In fact, one of the reasons film-directing creator Richard Janes came up with the concept was to give like-minded film professionals a place to congregate and confer.

The blog is a must-visit if you want a sneak peek inside the backlot or are considering film school.

The site is initially launching with 20 film blogs and hopes to host over 60 by September of this year.

Janes and his wife Amy came up with the concept during the writer’s strike.

No smokescreens. No hard-to-follow action sequences. No brain dead actors. (OK, maybe a few). Film Industry Bloggers takes you behind the silver screen.