How to Take Full Advantage of Press Releases

While public relations has been officially considered as a profession only since the latter half of the 20th Century, the activity has been in existence for ages – dating back to the ancient times. Since then, public relations has evolved, thanks to the variety of channels which can be used to capture the attention of the public.

press release distribution

A major element in public relations is the press release. As the name suggests, press releases are meant to make an announcement to the media. Press releases can focus on various subjects. [Read more…]

How to Write and Send a Press Release


This is a guest post by Sergio da Silva, a professional SEO in London.

You have a new widget or maybe you are launching a new software on your website and now you want to tell the world. Sitting in front of your computer and already late for an appointment, you are trying to come up with unique and eloquent copy that doesn’t include the words ‘luminous,’ ‘ground-breaking,’ or ‘elegant.’

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that. The online press release is still going to have to include some gripping and persuasive copy to attract visitors to your site or blog. In fact, the online press release relies even more heavily on good language, since it doesn’t include big colored fonts, cover art or creatively inserted quotes from reputable sources.

What I can help you with is how to address the particular requirements of the online press release. [Read more…]