Three Awesome Tools To Help You Better Understand WordPress

WordPress is a widely used content management system that is typically associated with Blogs but can power any kind of setup from a portfolio to an e-commerce site. Whether you’re a Blogger, novice developer or avid web designer, understanding WordPress can greatly benefit your work. Here’s 3 tools to get a grip on WordPress.

Smashing Magazine

I was first turned on to Smashing Magazine by a teacher and have pored through every nook and cranny of the site and its network since. Smashing Magazine, its collection of Blogs and well-written books are a tremendous source of knowledge and inspiration. The tutorials, collection of WordPress themes and books on development and design will help you master WordPress.

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Getting A Grip On Corporate Blogging


Corporate blogging can be tricky sometimes. One on end you have a brand’s image, red tape and potentially legal department to consider; on the other you have an audience to connect to. How do you balance them out?

Understanding what the company or brand is, being consistent and scheduling your content will make your job a lot easier and the client happy.

Eat, Live, Breath The Company

Bloggers and copywriters are generally creative folk but there comes a point when acting on your own will become a problem. You have to consider the company you’re writing for and even take in to consideration how much of an impact your connection makes. By doing so you walk a very fine line between creatively charged blogger and soulless marketing drone. Your happiness and to an extent your creativeness depends on you working for a company or brand you love. If it’s nothing short of passion, you’ll be miserable because your work requires to eat, live and breath the brand.

You will be writing on everything great about the company or brand and that means no fudging up facts. Even thinking you can get away with a little white lie now and then is a clear indicator you’re losing faith in something you should be wholeheartedly standing by. Even worse, someone is going to find a hole and not only point it out but Tweet it.

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How to Make Sure Your Blog Post is Ready for Publication

Are you one of those bloggers who worries a lot about whether your posts are “good enough” to publish?

Here are a few tips on how to ensure that it’s the right time to hit the “Publish” button on your latest blog article.

1. Create a post checklist … and use it every time. I have one that I keep pretty close to my chest, but it includes things like “check for broken links,” “search the Web for related resources to cite,” “check your sources,” “add clear calls to action if necessary,” and other such reminders. If you can check off every item on your personal posting checklist for a given article, you’re probably ready to publish the sucker. [Read more…]