TweetDeck Releases Web App For Various Browsers

Tweetdeck banner

Tweetdeck banner

In December TweetDeck released their Web Application to the Chrome Web Store, providing an alternative to the company’s AIR application for desktop users. Today following the success of that web app the company has announced a beta release for all major browsers including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

According to a blog post from TweetDeck, the new Web App, which requires no downloads, is already working on Chrome, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4 and Safari with compatible versions arriving soon for IE9 and Opera.

The program, which includes HTML5 support offers the type of functions TweetDeck users have come to expect, including drag-and-drop columns, a Foursquare column for viewing friends check-ins, a replies section and an integrated inbox.

The web app does not yet support streaming which means users looking for the quickest uses possible will still want to look into the AIR desktop app, however the company has continued to work on more features for the ‘no download necessary’ system. [Read more…]