Threesome: Me, My Wife and My Blog – Part 2

This is the second part of a post on how you, your spouse and your blog can live happily ever after. (Part 1)

3. Get them involved. It could be as simple as showing them a post you are proud of. Or better yet, a series of comments reacting to something you wrote. You’re not blogging in a vacuum. REAL people read your words. Once your spouse understands that, you might be given a longer leash to do your work. You should even consider writing a personal blog post about them. Appeal to their ego!

4. Set a schedule. There’s nothing more annoying than being summoned for a household chore when you are in the middle of blogging. If you establish a routine with your better half, they will be more likely to respect your blogging space.

I love blogging, but I do take it seriously. In my mind, the craft could hold the key to an unforeseen opportunity – one that might be life changing. Therefore, I embrace blogging, 24/7. And if my wife doesn’t, we could be looking at a bumpy road. Life deals you enough problems, why let blogging be yet another one. Getting your partner on board might sound silly, but in my view, it’s an imperative task to achieve success.