Bloggers unite for Invisible Illness Week 2009

Last year I wrote about Invisible Illness Week. Next Monday, September 14, sees bloggers coming together to bring awareness to issues that affect nearly half the US population.

The National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week runs from September 14-20 and invites bloggers to commit to writing about an invisible illness issue, even if they don’t usually write about health matters.

Lisa Copen, who founded National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week in 2002 said, “Though our illnesses and symptoms may vary, we still have a great deal in common. We can learn from one another about coping and finding the balance of taking care of ourselves yet living life to the fullest.” [Read more…]

Raising awareness of “invisible illnesses” through blogging: 8-12 September

Did you know that today marks the start of the annual “Invisible Illness Week”?

This year, hundreds of people are using their blogs to raise awareness of illnesses which often can’t be seen, but are very real to those suffering with them. According to Chronic Care in America, 133 million Americans live with a chronic condition, and US Census Bureau records show that about 96% of illnesses are invisible and no assistive device is utilized.

The Invisible Illness Blog suggests some ways of telling others about the campaign, including emailing or leaving a comment on the blog of someone who writes about illness issues, or composing your own blog article, forum or social network entry. [Read more…]