How Much Do Bloggers Make?

The majority of bloggers eventually want to turn their content into revenue. While it’s a widespread goal, not too many folks are forthcoming about how much they actually make.

U.S. News and World Report’s Alpha Consumer column spoke with several bloggers who were willing to divulge their blogging income.

Check out the article here.

From bloggers still trying to break even, to the five-digit monthly success of Steve Pavlina, there are many paths to turn a blog into profit. Even two people who take the same path, will likely experience different levels of financial success.

Personally, I have made money from my primary blog. However, the biggest income generator is not directly from my blog. In other words, having a blog has led to opportunities that I would not have been offered or privy to otherwise. I’d say for every $50 I make from the blog, I’ve made about four times that from other projects.

Care to share how much you’ve made with your blog?