What’s Wrong With Blogs Nowadays? (And Why Typed.com Will Make Things Right)

Typed  A Better Blogging Platform   Indiegogo (1)

Typed  A Better Blogging Platform   Indiegogo (1)

A blog serves as a platform to share your ideas and build a readership from your target audience.

Sounds simple enough, which is why lots of people own a blog to do exactly these things.

But you know what’s not simple? Blogging platforms.

Back then, platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr offered an easy way to publish online content. Just sign up for an account, write your post, and hit publish.

While you can still do these things from the aforementioned sites, the platforms gravitated away from just blogging. You now have to worry about the plugins you’ll choose for your WordPress site and customize your Tumblr or Blogger theme to achieve a better look.

This isn’t a bad thing, mind you. WordPress has become a very flexible CMS allowing you to build a website that fits your needs. Tumblr is a great way to share your quirky humor through GIFs. Blogger now relies on custom themes to create a fully functional website.

But the focus now by these blogging platforms has moved away from writing.

As a writer, journalist, or storyteller who simply wants to let the words do the talking, setting up a blog has become more complicated than ever.

This is the very reason why Typed.com is in the works to provide writers with a blogging platform that will let them focus on their words.

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