Using InstaBG To Make Your Photography Based Twitter Account Shine

InstaBG Welcome Screen

InstaBG ExampleInstaBG is a simple to use program that allows users to pull in various Instagram photos to create awesome Twitter backgrounds for their personal accounts. By simply giving the program access to your Twitter profile you can not only create a nice background but have it auto-updated with fresh picture content each day.

I personally find that InstaBG is great for photographers who want to showcase their most recent digitally stored photographs with very little effort.

To get started you’ll first visit where you will be greeted with the following display: [Read more…]

InstaBG Brings Instagram Backgrounds To Twitter Profiles

Twitter Background for InstaGram

InstaBG for Twitter

Instagram has become a photo sharing sensation, allowing users to organize their photos and share them across a vast mobile network, now thanks to the website users can share their own photos and the photos of other publicly available albums with a simple and sleek interface that auto updates daily and offers plenty of customization.

The program couldn’t possibly be any easier to use, once a user clicks on “Sign in with Twitter Account” they are asked to verify their Twitter credentials and approve the application for use.

Next a screen displays that shows users a list of options they can choose from: [Read more…]