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August 8, 2012

Instagram Has Attracted 40% Of Top Brands [Study]

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Instagram Advertising

Instagram isn’t just about adding filters to images, 40% of America’s top 100 brands are now using the social photo sharing website to build a stronger web presence while attracting new supporters.

The company Simply Measured conducted a quick study by examining the Interbrand Top 100 Global Brands list and then examining which of those company’s have a presence on Instagram. In comparison 98% of those brands are on Facebook and 94% are on Twitter.

Instagram is growing in important now that it has grown from 15 million iPhone users since the beginning of 2012 to more than 80 million iPhone and Google Android users since being purchased by Facebook.

Web users these days grow tired of the same old marketing practices at a rather alarming rate, with more brands realizing the power photos and Instagram integration can bring to their brands we can expect to see more Instagram accounts for top brands in the near future. read more

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July 20, 2012

Insta-WP Makes Wallpaper Creation Fun With Instagram Integration

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Insta-WP LogoSeveral months ago I wrote an article about, a platform that allows users to create daily or static Twitter backgrounds using Instagram photos. Now the company behind InstaBG has created Insta-WP, a program that once again integrates with Instagram, this time to create wallpaper images of various sizes.

Using Insta-WP is very simple, users starts by navigating to Insta-WP at which time they click on the “Create “InstaWallpaper” button.

Insta-WP Main Screen

The next part of the setup is to choose the wallpaper size which ranges from 320 x 480 pixels to a much larger 2048 x 1536. One of the nicest parts of the options screen is that Insta-WP tells you which sizes to use for each of your devices. For example the iPad 3 can use 2048 x 1536 pixel wallpapers while the Galaxy Tab 7.0 relies on 1024 x 600 pixels.

Here’s a preview of the Insta-WP screen size setup: read more

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April 30, 2012

How Instagram got to $1 Billion [Infographic]

It’s not every day that a mobile app is acquired by a social media giant for a cool one billion dollars- which explains why Instagram’s acquisition by Facebook was one of the hottest topics a few weeks ago. Infographic Labs, which previously created an infographic on the Rise of Instagram, tracks Instagram’s journey to $1 billion with this infographic design:
read more

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April 12, 2012

Instagram:17 Months And $1 Billion Later [Infographic]

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Instagram LogoIn March 2010 Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger raised $500,000 for a company called burbn, a platform that would later be renamed Instagram and which would eventually fall under the ownership of Facebook after being purchased for $1 billion. From zero to 30 million users in just 17 months Instagram is a cultural and business success.

In celebration of Instagram’s sale to Facebook the team at has put together an infographic that showcases the apps rise to meteoric success. There are very few apps that can release on Google Android to 1 million app downloads in 24 hours and 5 million downloads in just 6 days but Instagram is that app.

Jon Stewart recently quipped:

“A billion dollars of…money?  For a thing that kind of ruins your photos?”

While Jon may have been talking about Instagram in jest the company has done no wrong since launching, from securing $500,000 then $7 million and $50 million in separate funding rounds the company acquired the right talent, managed its community with ease and ultimately created a fun product that takes social photo sharing to a whole new level that other photo platforms have not yet been able to compete with.

Here’s the Instagram rise to fame infographic: read more

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April 11, 2012

Facebook Acquisition Pushes Instagram To No. 1 In App Store Downloads

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Instagram Number One In App StoreInstagram this week was purchased by Facebook for an astounding $1 billion and following the announcement of the buyout the Instagram App has become the number one downloaded mobile application inside the iOS App Store, marking the first time that that 30 million strong platform has risen to the top of Apple’s free-app catalog.

Instagram announced the milestone in a tweet. The downloads are well deserved as the program currently has a solid five-star rating that has been achieved with the help of 74,833 individual reviews which makes the program one of the most liked among users.

When the acquisition of Instagram was announced on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbergs personal Facebook page there was skepticism from many people who thought Facebook who destroy the platform, yet the social networks reach to nearly 1 billion users seems to have had the opposite effect as millions of more people flock to the photo sharing service.

In response to the download new users appear to love Instagram, tweeting “too good” and “I use it every day!” read more

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April 6, 2012

Photo-Sharing Platform Instagram Raising $50 Million During Series B Funding

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InstagramInstagram has become a behemoth of a photo-sharing site and based off its more than 30 million users and the release of its Google Android based app version last week the company is believed to be close to a new round of massive funding.

According to AllThingsD  the San Francisco-based startup plans to grab $50 million in Series B funding which would be led by venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and which would valuate the company at $500 million.

You may recall that back in February 2011 Instagram raised $7 million from Benchmark Capital and a group of big name tech guru’s including Square and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

During initial funding Instagram had just 1.75 million registered users.  read more

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February 9, 2012

Instagram Co-Founders Girlfriend Announces Lovestagram Application For Valentine’s Day

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Instagram Valentines Day

While many of us purchase Valentine’s day cards for our significant others and perhaps a nice bouquet of flowers Kaitlyn Trigger decided to give her boyfriend a much bigger and involved present, a brand new photo sharing platform.

Kaitlyn’s Lovestagram program is so thoughtful because her boyfriend is Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger and it’s his platform she chose to use when creating Lovestagram.

The program is essentially an interactive Valentine’s card maker that implements the Instagram API to create Valentine’s Day cards.

The program works by creating a slideshow of all Instagram photos you share with your special someone by using mutual username tags, photos you took in the same location within one hour of each other and photos where comments have been exchanged.  read more

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January 30, 2012

Using InstaBG To Make Your Photography Based Twitter Account Shine

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InstaBG ExampleInstaBG is a simple to use program that allows users to pull in various Instagram photos to create awesome Twitter backgrounds for their personal accounts. By simply giving the program access to your Twitter profile you can not only create a nice background but have it auto-updated with fresh picture content each day.

I personally find that InstaBG is great for photographers who want to showcase their most recent digitally stored photographs with very little effort.

To get started you’ll first visit where you will be greeted with the following display: read more

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December 30, 2011

Nike Finally Joins The Twitterverse, Tweets Out An Instagram Photo

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Twitter on Friday received a long awaited brand endorsement when athletic apparel and equipment maker Nike finally joined the social network with the account @Nike.

At the time of this post Nike has managed to amass 19,395 followers during the accounts first day in existence.

Almost immediately following the Twitter accounts release major athletes began following the brand including Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and Steve Nash among others.

The move to Twitter shows Nike’s dominance over the market after the company managed to rack up more followers than Adidas in less than a 24 hour period. read more

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InstaBG Brings Instagram Backgrounds To Twitter Profiles

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InstaBG for Twitter

Instagram has become a photo sharing sensation, allowing users to organize their photos and share them across a vast mobile network, now thanks to the website users can share their own photos and the photos of other publicly available albums with a simple and sleek interface that auto updates daily and offers plenty of customization.

The program couldn’t possibly be any easier to use, once a user clicks on “Sign in with Twitter Account” they are asked to verify their Twitter credentials and approve the application for use.

Next a screen displays that shows users a list of options they can choose from: read more

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