InstaBG Brings Instagram Backgrounds To Twitter Profiles

Twitter Background for InstaGram

InstaBG for Twitter

Instagram has become a photo sharing sensation, allowing users to organize their photos and share them across a vast mobile network, now thanks to the website users can share their own photos and the photos of other publicly available albums with a simple and sleek interface that auto updates daily and offers plenty of customization.

The program couldn’t possibly be any easier to use, once a user clicks on “Sign in with Twitter Account” they are asked to verify their Twitter credentials and approve the application for use.

Next a screen displays that shows users a list of options they can choose from: [Read more…]

Instagram Finally Coming To Android Smartphones, Company Hopes To Double Users

Instagram for Android


Instagram for Android

Since it’s launch the popular photo sharing service Instagram has only been available for Apple iOS based devices and now the company has announced plans to launch a Google Android version of the program, a smart decision given Google’s nearly 50% smartphone market share.

With the launch of the new application Instagram believes they can double their current user database which includes more than 50 million active users.

Speaking at LeWeb in Paris Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom revealed:

“We have two people working on Android now,” and “I’m excited to be able to see our numbers today nearly double.”

At this time there is no timeline for the launch of the new Android app and Systrom wasn’t exactly forthcoming with details for the new program.  [Read more…]

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Facebook Security Flaw Let’s Users Hijack Pages From Original Owners 

Facebook pages are meant to provide users with a forum to share a specific interest or set of interests, this week it was discovered that page creators could be booted from their own pages by administrators who they assigned to help moderate their public forums. Facebook FAQ say that type of activity isn’t allowed but it was discovered to be a possibility.

Smartphone Users Less Likely To Checkin Than Perform Other Tasks [Study]

Smartphone users love to play Angry Birds, even check their email, text message and make phone calls, what they don’t care much for is the ability to “check-in” at locations using location based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla. This article examines numbers provided by a recent Pew Research Survey and shows that less than 15% of users have taken to location based services and even fewer of those users are checkin-in each day.

Here Comes Instagram: Infographic

Instagram is quickly becoming a juggernaut in the social sharing photo platform world. While Flickr took 2 years to reach 100 million photos, Instagram reached that same level in just 8 months while attracting 7 million users in just nine months. This infographic shows the incredible speed at which Infogram has become a big player in the photo sharing world. [Read more…]

Here Comes Instagram: Infographic


The Rise In Popularity Of Instagram

With the increasing popularity of social media communication, here comes another application that’s been creating a huge buzz around the internet for a while now: the image uploading app. Instagram. Instagram is so popular that it has gained more than 4.5 million users in less than a year. Like Twitter, members can follow your posts but instead of words, you get to post photos and then your follower can “like” your photos and leave you comments, for whatever reason, many people are fascinated by this. But what’s even more amazing about Instagram is that even professional fashion photographers and Hollywood celebrities are getting hooked by its immense popularity. It has even caught the attention of the number one social media site: FaceBook.

[Read more…]

Is Facebook Creating An Instagram Killer?


Apparently the social networking giant is becoming a little envious of Instagram, as new rumors are emerging that Facebook is releasing an iOS app to challenge the photo sharing novice.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is secretly building an iOS app that borrows the best from Instagram, Color and Path (the latter which never really took off).

While it’s puzzling why Facebook would create a separate app for photos (which might confuse users), jumping in the photo sharing space is a smart move for Facebook as it would help them thwart the rise of new rivals like Twitter, as well as kill off current contenders like Flickr.

It’s still unclear whether Facebook will simply focus on photo sharing with filters (like Instagram), or integrate videos as well, although either way Facebook’s potential entrance into the market is probably sending shivers down everyone’s spine save Twitter.

For those of you addicted to photo sharing services like Instagram, Flickr or (for the few) Path, what are your thoughts regarding Facebook’s rumored app?

Would you consider dumping your current photo sharing service for Facebook, or would you continue to use alternatives instead of the social networking king?

Image Credit: TechCrunch

Instagram Defying The Odds, Still Growing Like A Weed


For those of you unfamiliar with the photo social network known as Instagram, it’s basically a cross between Flickr and Twitter (with a dozen plus photo filters to help spice things up).

Despite being only 7 months old and operating underneath Facebook’s and Flickr’s shadow, Instagram has become a blockbuster hit with the site now adding over a million users per month!

Co-Founder Kevin Systrom revealed Instagram’s latest stats upon TechCrunch Disrupt, and announced that the platform now boasts 4.25 million users who are uploading an average of 10 photos per second.

What’s incredible about Instagram’s growth is the fact that users can only access  and upload photos via an iOS device (or rather the iPhone as Instagram lacks an iPad app).

Note: Instagram is rumored to be working on an Android app, although they refuse to give an ETA on when it will appear upon Android Market.

Instagram’s biggest rival (aside from Flickr) is probably, whose iOS only strategy has not yielded similar results.

Have you tried Instagram? If so, what are your favorite filters? Also do you think Instagram could challenge Flickr in the future?