Internet Explorer 8 Safest Browser Available. WHAT???

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Internet Explorer logoSeeing on a Saturday morning an entry titled Most Secure Browser: Internet Explorer 8 in my feedreader certainly did not help my hangover and having read the entry 3 times now I think I still am living a vivid Friday night session. Bloggers love Firefox and many of us will never change because of the flexibility and extensions available for Firefox. You need to know it though: the safest browser out there is Internet Explorer 8!

I am sure you now all have fired up IE8 of course. Nor did I, but that’s mainly because I’m on a Mac and have not touched Windows at all anymore since I switched two years ago. Still it is a fact now and Microsoft Evangelist Giorgio Sardo published the results of a security poll, conducted by NSS Labs among the 5 top browsers and Internet Explorer 8 came out on top. [Read more…]