Google+ for iPhone Released. Not Compatible with iPad and iPod Touch

Google+ for iPhone
Google+ for iPhone

Google+ for iPhone

After little more than 2 weeks of wait, the Apple App Store crew has finally approved the Google+ app for iOS.

Sadly for many users it does seem that the app only runs on the iPhone, and not on iPod touches (even not latest generation). So far no iPad specific app has been released either and the app does not run on iPads. Rumors around the internet confirm that the Google+ app for iPhone only runs on iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

If you can not find the app in the app store, via a search, try this link to the iTunes Store.

Where very often the iOS apps the more polished ones are, Foursquare being the best example, the Google+ app for iPhone does not belong in that category and it seems that the app was developed by developers without any eye to particular design. While both apps are very similar, the Android Google+ app is the clear winner when it comes to polish, design and interface. The iPhone app just doesn’t feel as finished.

At least WordPress fans will love the design of user profiles in Google+ for iPhone. [Read more…]

Foursquare Debuts New Feature To Android Users Before iOS In Rare Move

Foursquare Notifications for Google Android

Foursquare Notifications for Google AndroidFoursquare on Tuesday pulled off a rare move when they debuted a new mobile feature on the Google Android operating system ahead of Apple’s own iOS system which supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad systems. The move from a numbers point of view makes sense as Google Android devices now outsell Apple on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, however mobile app providers have traditionally debuted new applications and upgrades for their already exisitng apps for the Apple app store before moving on to other platforms.

The new upgrade is a badge that will show users notifications of activity among friends, while check-ins, photos, completed tips and swarming and trends changes can now be shown without interrupting the core use of the program.

The notification system also allows users to turn on and off device and email notices for events they don’t want to see, while all messages can be set to “temporarily off” status for one hour or until the following day.

Along with the update Foursquare has promised Blackberry and iOS updates with the new feature “as soon as possible” although an exact date has not been mentioned or even hinted at. [Read more…]

Amazon Can Now Stream Music To iOS Devices


Two months after its release, Amazon slipped in a small update to its cloud based music player adding adds iOS compatibility. The update allows users visiting the player from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to stream music through Safari. However, it’s not without bugs.

Accessing Amazon’s cloud player through an iOS device required the use of a third-party browser but recently gained native Safari support. However, there are some interface issues that you need to be aware of:

[Read more…]

Guess Which Smartphones Tumblr Favors?


The Tumblr team has recently revamped the mobile layout for their micro blogging social network which should please users boasting one of two smartphones.

The new layout makes it easier for users viewing their Tumblr blog upon an iOS or Android device to not only create content, but also easily alter settings within their dashboards.

While Tumblr is also planning on making their blogs viewable for Blackberry fans, the company doesn’t seem to have an immediate interest in making their sites mobile friendly for users carrying Windows Phone 7, Nokia or even webOS devices.

The lack of interest beyond Blackberry, iOS and Android could also signal that the startup has no immediate plans to introduce native apps upon other smartphones, leaving the task to third party developers to fill in the gap (often at a premium).

Although its understandable why Tumblr isn’t committing to other platforms (as they are busy trying to keep their servers up in response to their tremendous growth), hopefully the company will in the future consider taking an agnostic approach to smartphones, something their rival WordPress has done.

WordPress For iPhone, Meet Push Notifications


It looks like those of us using the WordPress for iOS app will soon be able to respond back to comments without having to install CommentPush.

Push notifications are coming along nicely! […]

We’re also considering push notifications for Likes as well. What do you guys think? What else would you want to have notifications for? (via Chris Boyd on Making WordPress for iOS)

According to Chris Boyd users would be able to visit the exact comment posted upon your blog from within your app which is similar to how Twitter for iOS sends users to the exact Tweet reply instead of merely opening the app.

This will make it not only much easier to reply back to comments in a timely fashion, but also help weed out human spam much faster.

As far as push notifications for likes goes, hopefully WordPress has a setting where users can turn this specific feature off as some blogs may receive hundreds of likes in a post (note: push notifications for likes is only available for sites).

This future update should also help WordPress stay competative against rivals, especially Squarespace (the latter which has boasted push notifications for several months now).

Note: Yes I know the WordPress app icon is upside down, but that was apparently done so the team could distinguish between the test app and the one approved by Steve Jobs app tribunal.

PostUp Enters iOS Tweet, Facebook Wars Via Echofon

PostUp (who was formally known as TweetUp before changing their name) has announced that they have acquired Echofon by nannstudio.

Although nannstudio has yet to make an official statement upon their blog or Twitter account (@echofon), PostUp did send a press release confirming the deal.

PostUp, Inc., today announced its acquisition of Echofon, the suite of Twitter applications developed by naanstudio, and previously known as “TwitterFon” and “TwitterFox.” Widely regarded for its ease of use and simple, elegant design, Echofon is currently used by more than 3 million people internationally, across multiple platforms. (Business Wire) [Read more…]

Reeder’s iPad App Copied By Google Reader Rival? UPDATE: MobileRSS Responds


Unlike Android which has an official Google Reader app, iOS fans have to rely upon the creativity and skill of third party companies to help them manage their feed accounts while on the go.

Apparently Reeder’s skill and creativity for their iPad App have been heavily “borrowed” by Nibirutech who recently announced a new layout for their MobileRSS HD iPad app (as shown in the image below).

More images can be seen over here, although MobileRSS is receiving a lot of scorn on Twitter right now, as many people are seeing the obvious similarities between the two Google Reader apps which are hard to ignore.

MobileRSS HD for iPad seriously rips off @reeder UI. Flattery or obnoxious rip off? (via @BinduWavell)

Thus far Nibirutech has yet to respond to these allegations, although the company may want to decide something soon as they have already lost support for MobileRSS from fellow iOS developers (Instapaper and Read It Later), and risk damaging their reputation further by delaying a response.

Note: We will update this post if we hear anything new from Nibirutech. [Read more…]

ExpressionEngine To Leapfrog WordPress On iPhone? (iExpression)


After introducing the world to iExpression in July, Red When Excited (from the United Kingdom) has been tirelessly working on improving their unofficial ExpressionEngine app with the impending release of version 1.4 for iOS.

While iExpression’s latest version promises to match WordPress for iOS by allowing EE fans to upload videos to their blogs, the app goes one step further by including an additional feature lacking from official and unofficial video blogging apps (like BlogPress).

We are adding some cool file management features. Take a photo or record a movie and instantly upload. Upload files (archives, movies, pictures, WHATEVER) from e-mail attachments, web-pages, or other applications and very importantly your Dropbox account :-) You can also delete files you no longer need. Wicked. (Red When Excited Blog)

Red When Excited has also provided a video (as shown below) highlighting the upcoming features which should help give ExpressionEngine fans an edge over their WordPress rivals on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. [Read more…]

Disqus Embraces 3 Smartphones. Guess Who Got Left Out?


After declaring their intentions to release official apps upon the iPhone and Android devices, Disqus has announced that the apps are ready for prime time (provided they survive the tribunal processes save one OS).

About month ago, we announced “Disqus Mobile”. Since then, we’ve had a tremendous amount of traffic on with mobile theme, and received several of requests for a way to moderate and keep up with your communities whilst on the go. Being very keen to listen to our community, we’ve been secretly working on something deep within the Disqus laboratories.

Today we’re announcing a set of mobile apps on Android, iPhone (iOS), and webOS to help you achieve this. These apps are simple to use, lightweight, and battery efficient. We wanted to be sure you had enough battery life to call Grandma. (Official Disqus Blog) [Read more…]

Need Push Notifications For WordPress On iPhone? There’s An App For That!


Even though WordPress is already planning (or rather debating) on updating WordPress for iOS with push notifications, it looks like a third party app by Kele (of DevShare) may finally alert WP fans whenever they receive a new comment upon their blog.

CommentPush let you receive iPhone push notification when someone leave comment on your blog or the blog you subscribe for a push notify.

You never need check your blog manually again and again just looking for new comment.

Working on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. (Comment Push)

The app only supports users (aka self hosted bloggers) as it requires you to install a plugin in order for the app to send push notifications to your respective iDevice.

Once installed, users have to configure whether they want to receive push notifications for every comment submitted (which is an insane option as that includes spam) or for verified comments that appear on your WordPress blog.

Unfortunately the app does not present you with an option to open up the official WordPress iPhone app (a feature I would pay money for!!) but instead launches you within Comment Push itself, who gives you the option to visit your blog in Safari.

Comment Push is currently free in the app store (note: iTunes link), and until the WordPress crew integrates push notifications within the WP iOS app, Comment Push is a must have app for WordPress fans everywhere.