iPhone 5 Rumors Roundup: Possible Features For Apple’s Next Generation

iPhone 5 Mockup

iPhone 5 MockupApple is expected to officially announce the iPhone 5 in September or October of this year and on the heels of that announcement we have compiled a list of possible iPhone 5 features as rumored from various online sources. While we still don’t know what the iPhone 5 price will be, these rumors give us a good idea of some major possibilities for the devices hardware and software future.

New Design

Apple is expected to go bezel-free with the release of the iPhone 5, returning to a design that’s closer to the iPhone 3G than the iPhone 4. According to some reports the curved back can help eliminate “Death Grip” while a tapered design is said to be in the work that would create a thinner bottom than top, allowing the phone to sit on an angle while placed on a flat surface.

Another rumor says the device will feature a metallic back instead of the devices signature black and white options we’ve seen in the past, however a curved glass design could also be used as Apple is rumored to have recently purchased 300 glass cutting machines. [Read more…]