4 iPhone Apps to Increase Your Blogging Productivity

iphone apps

iphone apps
There we go again with the “P” word. Whether you’re a blogger, a social media expert, or a professional copywriter, productivity always seems to come up. I suppose the same can be said of any person who holds a job. At the end of the day, we are measured by how much we produce and the quality of what we produce.

As a full-time blogger, the chances are that you do not have to answer to a boss in the traditional sense. However, there are your readers to consider. There is the revenue. There is that personal sense of having gotten things done.

And we come back to where we started: productivity. [Read more…]

Swayable: Social Decision Making With Your Friends Help

Swayable iPhone Screenshots

Swayable LogoSwayable wants to take away your own ability to make choices and that’s not necessarily a bad idea. The program, developed by Lindsey Harper allows users to upload two side-by-side photos, while giving their friends the ability to vote on which option the user should choose. For example, you could be looking to buy a new barbeque for the summer and by taking photos of both options you are deciding upon your friends can help you choose which barbeque to purchase.

Users can choose to access their Swayable accounts through the web or by downloading an iPhone app (iTunes link). Using the program is then as simple as taking two photos (one of each product) and uploading them to the program as either “Public” or “Private” displays. Users can then share their side by side photos by sharing them with their social networks, by emailing the link to their photos or by sending an SMS that will include a link to the Swayable page. Users can even choose an embed code where their photos will be included directly on their websites.

Note: private pages are only accessible through a URL given to the uploading party.

Friends immediately begin voting on a users choices and in the case of the iPhone app push notifications will immediately be sent to the users phone, while web users can check their results online.

Users will see how many sways each product has received, while their friends, co-workers and family members can also leave comments about each product, allowing for even more help in the decision making process. [Read more…]

Facebook Rolls Out Event Check-In Capabilities, Other Features For iPhone

Facebook Places Map added for iPhone users

Facebook Places Map added for iPhone usersiPhone users using the official Facebook app now have the option to check in at events around the United States. The upgrade, available on Facebook Version 3.4 was released on Monday morning and also includes a map view for Places option and the ability to unfriend Facebook friends directly from your Apple device.

The event check in function can be found in the “events” section of the application and allows users to check-in at events they are currently attending, plan to attend in the future and those events that are close to the user in terms of proximity. Users can also choose to tag their friends with the check-in should they have Facebook friends at the event with them.

If you’re a fan of Facebook Places you’ll also find the new map view option housed in the “Places Section.” Using the maps users can view check-ins using a standard list view or toggle over to a map view. [Read more…]

Drunken Social Media: Last Night Never Happened App

Last Night Never Happened

Last Night Never HappenedFacebook and Twitter have allowed our lives to become more interconnected and while that connectivity is great for reconnecting with old friends and staying in touch with current ones, it can also mean airing our dirty laundry, a fact that can be exasperated by a drunken night of debauchery. Thankfully if you’re a “serial poster” when drunk and don’t have the time to fix last nights tweets and wall posts there’s now an app for that.

Developed by 22Seeds and called “Last Night Never Happened” the iPhone/iPad/iPod app can be purchased for $1.99 from the Apple App Store.

The program is simple to use, just type in what time you started drinking and the application goes through your connected social media accounts and deletes all messages from the time you started drinking until the moment you run the program. Users can also choose to only delete certain hours, for example Midnight through 6am.

On the lastnightapp.com website the developer states: [Read more…]

Path iPhone App Finally Gets Commenting Feature

Path Chat iPhone App

Path Chat iPhone AppAfter receiving $8.65 million in funding last week, mobile social networking startup Path has finally announced the launch of a commenting feature for their iPhone application.

Known as Path Chat, the feature can be found when users download version 1.4 of the program, an update that was released to the general public on Monday.

Previously users only had the option of adding emoticons to photos as a means of commenting or through direct text messages to users, the new features simply adds traditional commenting to the mobile platform. [Read more…]

Facebook iPhone App Upgrade Fixes Jailbroken Device Login

Facebook iPhone App

Facebook iPhone AppThe Facebook for iPhone App has just been released with a new version (3.2.2). The new upgrade option fixes a login issue that has been plaguing jailbroken iPhone users.

The fix comes just several days after the apps developers posted about the issue on their official Facebook app page. Users can download the new version of the program by visiting the “Updates” tab in the iPhone App Store.

The update description also states that Facebook Places is currently only available to users in the U.S. and “We’re working on making this available in other countries soon.” [Read more…]

StumbleUpon Goes The iPhone Route, Android Joins The Hunt

StumbleUpon iPhone App

StumbleUpon iPhone App - Small ScreenshotYesterday we reported that blog commenting system Disqus joined the iPhone and Android fray, now we’re happy to announce that another popular social sharing system among blogs, StumbleUpon, has also released an iPhone App, while Google Android users also have an app for that.

StumbleUpon allows users to submit interesting, fun and creative articles to the site, at which point those sites can be “Stumbled” by users as they are taken around the web by the companies automatic site stumbling application. The more stumbles a site gets, the more visitors they begin to receive.

According to the company, their 11 million members will see the “best for mobile stumbling” web posts, which includes photos, YouTube videos and news among other posts. The application has also been optimized for mobile screens and serves pages with optimized connection capabilities.

StumbleUpon users will also see their “favorites” section and “recommendations” just as they do on the web based application. [Read more…]

Should Probloggers Use Hellotxt For iPhone?


When it comes to updating multiple social networks and blog platforms simultaneously, many blogging pros choose either HootSuite (which supports Twitter, Facebook, and Ping.fm), or Seesmic (who owns Ping.fm).

While both of these apps have their strengths, blogging pros may want to consider a third alternative called Hellotxt that combines some of the best features of HootSuite and Seesmic at the affordable price of free.

For Probloggers wondering why they should even bother hitting the download button on yet another “global status app,” here are 3 reasons why they should consider adding Hellotxt upon their iDevice. [Read more…]

TweetDeck Officially Loved By Millions

Tweetdeck Update Screen

Tweetdeck Update ScreenTweetDeck is a popular desktop application that makes for an enjoyable experience when sending and receiving Tweets, among other Twitter options, now the company behind the program has announced that their app has been downloaded over 15 million times.

The desktop apps astronomical rise is all the more impressive when you realize that their download rate is five times higher than their closest competitors. [Read more…]

Microsoft Live Messenger Gets iPhone App Love, Plus It’s Social Media Friendly

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live MessengerIt’s really easy to forget that some social media still occurs through instant messaging applications, as a reminder Microsoft today has officially launched Windows Live Messenger for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The new app lets users chat with their Windows Live friends and their Y! Messenger buddies. The program also lets you see what your friends are up to on popular social networking services which includes Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Myspace. Users can also comment on their friends social pages directly from the application.

Not enough for you? how about photo uploading with caption creation capabilities, the option to create photo albums right from your iPhone or iPod Touch and the choice to receive IM notifications even when the app isn’t loaded. [Read more…]