New York Times Enters Location Based Services Game With “The Scoop”

The Scoop iPhone App

The Scoop iPhone AppThe New York Times on Friday revealed “The Scoop” a free iPhone app that allows users in New York City and Brooklyn to discover those areas.

The software according to the Apple App Store is:

“a guide to New York City from the staff of The New York Times… We offer lists of our favorite restaurants, bars, events and experiences. You go out and have fun. Check off the places you’ve been, and share what you’ve done with your friends.”

Users will find cool info that includes the top 50 restaurant picks from the news sources critics, a list of favorite bars, weekly events selected by the NYT team and other city favorites from people who know the city.

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Tweetageddon Has Begun: Tweeterena Sells Assets On Ebay


Despite the “positive spin” that some twitter developers are trying to make about the Tweetie acquisition and Twitter partnering with RIM, it looks like the first casualty of Tweetageddon has appeared, as Andrew Weekes is putting his twitter app Tweeterena up for sale (hat tip: GigaOm)

Tweeterena currently has a rapidly increasing user base with almost 50,000 users worldwide.

You will be acquiring this brand at an exciting time, – 1 week after the Tweeterena 2 for iPad launch! You will also be acquiring the source code project and marketing materials to Tweeterena 2 for iPhone/iPod touch, which is an unreleased, almost complete application that is already being awaited by thousands of users thanks to our recent marketing campaign for Tweeterena 2 for iPad. [Via]

Andrew Weekes also mentions that the Tweeterena iPad app had been purchased by over 1,500 customers, and (thus far) seems to be doing fairly well on the iPad app store (underneath the social networking category).

Fortunately Weekes has a decent day job, so this loss will not hurt him financially, although we may see other companies begin to shut down as Twitter begins to implement official apps across other devices like Palm, Nokia and Android.

TweetDeck Fixes iPhone App, Update Live On The App Store

After initially pulling their iPhone app due to frequent crashes, TweetDeck’s iPhone app is now live on the App store!

While I was never a fan of their desktop app (as I loathe all things Adobe AIR), their iPhone app has features that put premium apps to shame by striking a balance between power and elegance.

TweetDeck has created a video highlighting its best features, although here is my take on the app thus far. [Read more…]