WordPress Seeks Mobile Domination, Upgrading iPhone, Android And Blackberry Apps

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It looks like the mobile blogging wars are about to heat up with Automattic (the company behind WordPress) announcing plans on upgrading all of their smartphone apps upon Android, Blackberry and (finally!) the iPhone.

Great news: We’re putting the finishing touches on the 2.6 release of WordPress for iOS! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve got even more good news.

First, we’re creating our own Beta Team for the WordPress for iOS project. Members of the Beta Team will be able to test releases before we submit them to the App Store and report back on their experiences. This will help us catch and fix bugs proactively, rather than having to publish bugfix releases after the fact. (Official iOS for WordPress Blog)

Automattic has also posted similar announcements upon their official Android and Blackberry blogs (the latter which should please WordPress fans planning on buying a Blackberry Torch smartphone in the near future).

Despite the fact that WordPress already dominates the blogging scene on the Blackberry as well as Android devices, the company has been surpassed by rivals like LiveJournal, who recently resurrected their iPhone app in a bid to challenge WordPress on the iDevice.

With more companies planning on launching official apps for Blackberry, iOS and Android (or updating the ones currently listed in the respective app stores), it will be interesting to see if WordPress can maintain its lead against challengers in the future.

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Should Probloggers Use Hellotxt For iPhone?


When it comes to updating multiple social networks and blog platforms simultaneously, many blogging pros choose either HootSuite (which supports Twitter, Facebook, and Ping.fm), or Seesmic (who owns Ping.fm).

While both of these apps have their strengths, blogging pros may want to consider a third alternative called Hellotxt that combines some of the best features of HootSuite and Seesmic at the affordable price of free.

For Probloggers wondering why they should even bother hitting the download button on yet another “global status app,” here are 3 reasons why they should consider adding Hellotxt upon their iDevice. [Read more…]

LiveJournal Resurrects iPhone App


After remaining in a dormant state for almost a year in a half, the LiveJournal team has resurrected the iPhone app previously created by CosySoftware and have adopted it as their own.

We’re pleased to announce that the new LiveJournal iPhone app is available for free in the Apple store! Be sure to download the application labeled “LiveJournal Inc.” (Official LiveJournal News)

As far as creating content goes, the LiveJournal app is the most advanced mobile blogging app in the app store, one that rivals (if not exceeds) WordPress and Squarespace, as well as a host of third party apps. [Read more…]

Jealous Of WordPress, Textpattern Community Plots iPhone App


After watching Automattic dominate the mobile verse with WordPress for iPhone, the Textpattern community for the past few years has been debating about how an iPhone app can be created for their users.

The demand for an iPhone app is so great that a few of their users are thinking about converting to the “dark side” in order to be able to blog upon their beloved iDevice.

That’s the bit that’s really pulling me towards using WP for an uncoming project – the ability to add images quickly and easily using a iPhone or Android app (a client specific request).

I don’t want to move away from TXP, but this worries me (slightly) that with new technologies and platforms coming forward will TXP stand at this current point, or will it be able to roll forward. Maybe with the next ‘big’ release it’ll quash those fears. (via Babyben) [Read more…]

A Second Look At BlogBooster (WordPress Take Note)


After being underwhelmed with the official WordPress iPhone app, I have been relying more upon third party blogging apps to help me blog while I am on the go.

Unfortunately Apple’s iOS 4 update has yet to be embraced by many blogging apps, whose developers have either abandoned their apps completely or are “too busy” to update their apps (despite the bugs that are appearing due to the lack of an update).

Fortunately BlogBooster (which I reviewed in May) has recently updated their iPhone app, fixing many of the bugs that were highlighted previously, as well as introducing a slightly different UI.

Although this app isn’t perfect, BlogBooster’s approach to mobile blogging is something that WordPress (as well as third party rivals) should take serious note of lest they lose market share upon the iDevice. [Read more…]

Need A Reason To Switch Blog Comments To Disqus? There’s An App For That


Known for spicing up blogs with their dead simple commenting system, Disqus has emerged as one of the leading commenting systems online (the other being Intense Debate).

Despite the fact that Disqus comments are mobile friendly (at least upon the iPhone), the company provided a mobile app to help users moderate comments while on the go.

Fortunately for Disqus lovers, a Peer Assembly has created an iPhone app by the name of DisqusPro that allows users to moderate comments without having to resort to email commands.

Priced at $2.99 USD, DisqusPro offers disciples of Disqus an elegant way to moderate comment threads, a feature rivaled only by the official WordPress app.

For blogging pros wondering whether DisqusPro is worth every penny (or whatever currency you prefer), here are some of the highlights, as well as setbacks that may help you decide if DisqusPro is worth the price of a small sandwich. [Read more…]

Drupal For iPhone Is No Longer A Myth (Drupad)


After waiting many, many months for a Drupal iPhone app to appear upon Steve Jobs app store, it looks like a developer has finally created an elegant Drupal app for fans of the CMS service.

Entitled Drupad, this iPhone app gives Drupal lovers the power to manage their site on the go and is even iOS 4 compatible (unlike many blog apps on the app store unfortunately).

Priced at $4.99 USD, Drupad may seem to be a bit pricey when compared to other CMS/blogging apps (with the exception being Joomla Admin Mobile which is twice as expensive!).

For those of you wondering whether this app is worth the price of a hamburger or sub sandwich, here is an in depth overview of Drupad for those addicted to all things Drupal (and that mysterious blue face that haunts me at night). [Read more…]

Need Push Notifications For WordPress On iPhone? There’s An App For That!


Even though WordPress is already planning (or rather debating) on updating WordPress for iOS with push notifications, it looks like a third party app by Kele (of DevShare) may finally alert WP fans whenever they receive a new comment upon their blog.

CommentPush let you receive iPhone push notification when someone leave comment on your blog or the blog you subscribe for a push notify.

You never need check your blog manually again and again just looking for new comment.

Working on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. (Comment Push)

The app only supports WP.org users (aka self hosted bloggers) as it requires you to install a plugin in order for the app to send push notifications to your respective iDevice.

Once installed, users have to configure whether they want to receive push notifications for every comment submitted (which is an insane option as that includes spam) or for verified comments that appear on your WordPress blog.

Unfortunately the app does not present you with an option to open up the official WordPress iPhone app (a feature I would pay money for!!) but instead launches you within Comment Push itself, who gives you the option to visit your blog in Safari.

Comment Push is currently free in the app store (note: iTunes link), and until the WordPress crew integrates push notifications within the WP iOS app, Comment Push is a must have app for WordPress fans everywhere.

WordPress For iPhone: 7 Features Needed In The Upcoming App


With iOS4 (formally known as iPhone OS 4) about to immerse the cult known as iPhone this summer, the WordPress team is busy adding the final touches to their updated iPhone app, which will include video and stats.

However before Automattic (the company behind WordPress) releases the new iPhone app to the masses, they are seeking feedback from the WP community on what features they should add to improve their beloved mobile app.

We’re very close to releasing 2.5, which will include support for iOS 4 and addresses some long-standing issues including cut-and-paste on the iPad. We’ve also got a nifty new setup flow for WordPress.com users: If you’re creating a new blog the process has been simplified, and if you’ve got existing WordPress.com blogs we’ve made adding all of them a breeze.

What we’d like to hear from you moving forward is what you’d like to see in the short term from the app. What do you think it needs most for the next release? We know several people have mentioned video and stats, so we’ll definitely be working hard to get those out. But what else? What haven’t we covered yet? If you could have one feature included in the next month, what would you want it to be? (Making WordPress for iOS)

Users are already posting comments on features they desire for the upcoming app (including yours truly), although here are seven features WordPress needs to incorporate in the upcoming WP iPhone app. [Read more…]

11 Blogging Apps Needed For Android, Blackberry And iPhone


After Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone app store many moons ago, Six Apart kicked off the mobile blogging revolution by launching Typepad on the iPhone.

Since then several companies have launched official blogging apps upon not only the iPhone, but for Blackberry and Android devices as well.

Despite the advances of the respective smartphone OS’s, there is still a great need for either official or third party apps on some of these devices, especially outside of the iUniverse (note: you hear that Squarespace?!)

So if you are a mobile developer looking for the next project or a user wondering if your blog is supported, here is a list of needed apps for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. [Read more…]