Will Dorsey be Twitter’s Next CEO?

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Since Twitter’s former CEO (and former stand-up comedian), Dick Costolo, left the social media giant on July 1, investors have been vehemently searching for Twitter’s new leader, and it looks as if Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s current interim leader of Twitter and Square’s chief executive, may be the best candidate. Will Dorsey be Twitter’s next CEO? Potentially.

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Jack Dorsey Asks Twitter Developers For “Candid Feedback” To Improve API, Other Twitter Offerings

Jack Dorsey - Twitter Co-Founder

Jack Dorsey - Twitter Co-Founder

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey on Thursday posted a message to Twitter developers, asking them to provide “candid feedback” about the creation of the company’s next generation Twitter API’s and tools.

The move comes after Twitter has been on the prowl against developers, oftentimes shutting them out in an attempt to gain control of their own product base, including the blocking of third-party ads from streams.

In his letter Dorsey says developers have been a key part of the company’s success and ensured them that Twitter will be providing them with the ‘structure, tools, resources and support’ that they need to build their applications for the Twitter platform.

Developers can start discussions in a thread in the Discussions group that will allow developers to share ideas with the entire Twitter team.

Here’s what Dorsey had to say about the future of Twitter, specifically within the iOS system: [Read more…]

At Twitter, Jack Is Back!


The man who founded Twitter (or at the very least helped give the social network its name) has decided to take a more active role in the social network despite being CEO of another popular start up.

Today I’m thrilled to get back to work at @Twitter leading product as Executive Chairman. And yes: leading @Square forevermore as CEO. #200% (via @Jack)

Jack Dorsey was Twitter’s first CEO before being forced to trade places with co-founder Evan Williams (who was Chairman of the Board at the time).

After the tweet swap, Dorsey launched Square, which has become a hit among small business owners (to the dismay of Dorsey’s numerous rivals).

Dorsey’s return (or rather active participation) should help Twitter gain some much needed momentum, especially with their rival Facebook attempting insert itself as the center of the Internet.

Although Twitter has a long ways to go before they can attain their goal of becoming the “pulse of the planet,” Jack’s active participation may help the company achieve that dream in the semi-distant future.