Mayor “E-Saults” Blogger

You’re a “worthless piece of s**t” and a “lonely, jealous old man.”

Those are the words Mayor James D. Kalb of Portsmouth, Ohio directed at blogger Robert Forrey via e-mail.

What sparked the heated exchange? The blogger exercised the Freedom of Information Act to request records on the placement of a playground in a public park an d the involvement of the Kiwanis Club on the project. And the mayor lost his cool, firing off this e-mail at 1:47am.

Without diving into all of the facts of this otherwise boring case of small-town politics, we are curious to hear from you…

Clearly the blogger got under the skin of the politician. But does an elected official ever have the right to lay the smackdown on a blogger? Should the blogger have released the e-mail to the public?

The power of blogging continues to grow, as a basement blogger once again gets the attention of their blog’s subject, and in the process, score national headlines. No matter where you stand on this argument, blogging is a winner.