Is Jason Calacanis Forcing A Business Model On Twitter?

Jason Calacanis tweeted an offer to get on the Suggested list that Twitter now displays as a part of the registration process.

@davewiner It’s actually a standing offer to Twitter. $120k for one of the twenty slots. In fact, I’ll pay $250k for two years in advance.

TechCrunch confirmed it with, and got this from Calacanis:

I believe that in five years the top 20 recommend slots will be worth $1m a year each–super bowl commercial level in fact.

. . . this is 100% dead serious. I’m thinking of sending the check today anyway…. if it sits on their desk they might just cash it.

I think this will happen, as I’ve written previously. Calacanis might just speed it up with this little stunt.

Calacanis Calls the Startup Depression, Still Not Blogging

And he does it on his blog, which he incidentally still won’t be use to do any blogging, despite it having numerous updates. Fun stuff, that.

Now, I promised myself I was retired from blogging to focus on my email newsletter, but I’m getting pounded with so many requests for this essay that I’m giving up and posting it here. This does not mean my retirement from blogging is off, this means I’m posting this so I don’t have to respond to hundreds of emails asking for a copy.

The actual essay is from his mailinglist, which you can sign up for here. If you already subscribe to Jason’s emails, you’ve already read most of this. However, the additional comments for the blog post is interesting, and also shows why blog posts are a better way of communicating with several people at once, than email. [Read more…]

I Don’t Think I Understand “Not Blogging” Anymore

Jason Calacanis quitting blogging was big news in the navel gazing inner blogosphere, I doubt it made such an impact outside that, but still, it is news. I have a lot of respect for Jason, and I do subscribe to his mailing list, but now I’m confused. First he switched to WordPress, and then said he wasn’t getting back to blogging:

Now hosted on WordPress for posterity, but no I’m not coming back to blogging. I’m enjoying the mailing list waaaaay to much!

Right. This is where the confusion starts. [Read more…]

No, Jason Calacanis Isn’t Returning to Blogging Yet

Jason Calacanis’ move to WordPress wasn’t about him getting back to blogging. Why?

Moved the blog from Blogsmith after five great years. Now hosted on WordPress for posterity, but no I’m not coming back to blogging. I’m enjoying the mailing list waaaaay to much!

Good for you, Jason. Still, he is playing with the blog software, which he really didn’t have to do with Preparing something? Probably not, but still, makes you wonder.

Jason Calacanis Moves to WordPress, Still Not Blogging

Jason Calacanis has moved his blog, which he still isn’t updating (despite a few Mahalo update linkdump), to WordPress. Why would Jason do this? I shot him an e-mail about it, but chances are, the reason is that he don’t want to be on the old Weblogs Inc, blog platform, known as Blogsmith, anymore. Matt Mullenweg graciously offered his help should Jason feel at loss with WordPress…