UMPC Sites Team Up Around Product Database

The niche nature of the Internet in general, and the blogosphere in particular, makes partnerships easy to work out. That’s why I’m a bit surprised why we’re not seeing more of this. UMPCPortal have decided to let JKKMobile and Liliputing, two blogs that cover the same ultraportable gadget sphere as they do, into their product database. By teaming up, they can maintain the database and keep it up to date, as well as deliver tailored solutions (and hence revenue and additional value) to its partners. A good example of an ideal partnership, if you ask me.

I wonder how long it takes for some of the larger online publishers to pick up UMPCPortal and its database? As you might recall, Giga Omni Media bought jkOnTheRun recently, maybe this is a solid follow-up acquisition?

jkOnTheRun Joins GigaOm Network

Om Malik of GigaOm fame has announced that his company, Giga Omni Media, have acquired mobile gadgets blog jkOnTheRun. No amount have been specified.

The reason for buying the blog is of course that it is a great one, filling an empty space in the GigaOm network. The choice was to either build a blog in this niche from scratch, or buying one. With that in mind, the deal was and is probably a no-brainer. [Read more…]