John Chow Blogging From the Hospital

As the hardcore blogger he is, John Chow is blogging from the hospital, where he is to possibly have surgery for his gallbladder stones. While John’s setup is a pretty expensive one, featuring a MacBook Air and an iPhone 3G as a modem, this is a good reminder as to how easy it is to reach out to the world today. You can publish blog posts from a mobile phone, or settle for sending tweets.

My best wishes to John Chow, by the way. It really sucks to be in the hospital, it’s a scary place…

More Aweber Love and Reasons to Use Them

John Chow joins Darren Rowse in the I Love Aweber club, and highlights the new Twitter feature we’ve mentioned previously. It appears as if Aweber’s got dedicated users, always a good sign.

Speaking of which, Darren Rowse published his 8 reasons why to add a newsletter to your blog:

  1. Newsletters create Loyalty
  2. Newsletters Develop Relationships and Trust
  3. Newsletters Drive Page Views/Traffic
  4. Newsletters are Familiar
  5. Newsletters Build a Core Community and Enhance Reader Engagement
  6. Newsletters can Track and Target Groups of Readers
  7. Newsletters help build Momentum
  8. Newsletters Open Up Possibilities for Monetization

All good reasons, and more in-depth in the post of course. My personal opinion is that adding a newsletter is a good idea overall, and you can most certainly get spinoffs from it. You’ll need a plan of course, but there are most certainly possibilities here.

John Chow on How to Apply to an Ad Network

John Chow shares his wisdom on how to apply to an ad network. It boils down to these 4 major things to consider, according to him:

  • Have a Domain Name
  • Use Your Domain Email
  • Have a Completed About Page
  • Have Contact Information On Your Site

Chow uses his own TTZ Media ad network as an example, so if you’re having trouble getting into that, check out his post. Otherwise, it’s pretty basic stuff, but still worth to read up on if you’re new to the game.

BlogRush Fails to Deliver Impressions

Remember BlogRush, that cool little widget that snatched related stories from the blogosphere, and served them to your readers, giving you credits to get similar exposure yourself? In theory it should work, but in practice it might be lacking. John Chow certainly doesn’t get what he’s due at least:

A check of my BlogRush control panel showed I have a credit balance of 30,911,614 views. If BlogRush can serve all those impressions, and assuming a 0.25% click rate, it would result in over 77,000 visitors. Since BlogRush started, they have served less 800,000 impressions for me.

This seems to be the case for a lot of the larger blogs/networks using BlogRush. Seems like a good idea gone wrong, but then again, it is still in beta…