Shorter URLs With

to.lyDo we really need yet another URL shortener service? I guess we do, if nothing else but to get even shorter URLs for our slightly compulsive microblog link pushing. The most recent one is, created by Jonas Lejon, who also did the Twitter backup service. So why did he venture into URL shortening? Aren’t the competition good enough?

I’ve got so many crazy ideas about what is possible to do with an URL shortening service and I needed to use one for my projects. Also, I couldn’t find any PHP code examples on any of the popular services.

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TweetBackup: Backup Your Twitter Account

If you’re like me you’ve sent thousands of tweets over the past months and years. Some of these are pure nonsense, others are uninteresting ReTweets, or replies to other people’s tweets that just have non historical value. Some, however, might contain brilliance, and it would be a shame to loose all that content just because Twitter doesn’t find its business model and goes belly up.

Well, a cool new service called TweetBackup lets you backup your Twitter account and export it as a HTML file, via RSS, or in plain text. It’s in beta right now, and limited by the 3,200 tweet Twitter bug, but there are some ambitious plans for this one, including a restore functionality and more.

Signing up is free, and you don’t need to supply your Twitter password or anything. You do, however, have to follow @tweetbackup on Twitter for the service to work. Check it out, and also take a look at TweetValue by the same developer. That might not be as useful as a Twitter backup service, but it is fun to see what your Twitter account is worth, at least according to the TweetValue algorithm.