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June 17, 2013

WIN a Premium Design for Your Blog!

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Every blogger knows that there are a lot of blogging platforms to choose from. Some prefer WordPress, others trust their content to Joomla or whatever CMS they like. We’re not here asking you to tell us which open source blogging software is the best, though. Instead, we’d like to make things more interesting, and we would like to give you a chance to win a premium design for your blog, no matter if you’re a fan of WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal! read more

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November 19, 2010

Deja Vu: WordPress Defeats Joomla, Drupal Again In CMS Wars

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The results for the 2010 Open Source Awards are in and it looks like WordPress has once again defeated both Joomla and Drupal as the preferred CMS among the masses (at least those who voted).

Perhaps Joomla isn’t better than WordPress after all?

I was just informed that WordPress, in head-to-head voting against Joomla and Drupal, has won this year’s Open Source CMS Hall of Fame award.

We have to be careful because if this trend continues people might think WordPress is a real CMS, useful for more than just a blog. This would ruin our stealth campaign and might bring dozens of new users to the WordPress community. If you could keep this on the DL we’d appreciate it.

We don’t want WordPress to develop a reputation. (WordPress News)

Truth be told I am not surprised by the results, despite the fact that WordPress was never initially designed as a CMS while both Joomla and Drupal are (the latter which is about to release version 7.o). read more

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October 22, 2010

Are Joomla Extensions More Popular Than WordPress Plugins?

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The folks over at Joomla have achieved a new milestone for the CMS/blog software by announcing that the platform has finally surpassed the 6,000 mark.

While their total third party extensions pale in comparison to WordPress and Drupal’s inventory (which as of this post total at 11,731 plugins and 6,752 modules, respectively), the Joomla crew are boasting higher downloads than their rivals.

The Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) reached 6000 published listings this week.  We wanted to take a moment to share what that means and additionally give an overview of how the JED statistics compare with both WordPress and Drupal. […]

Here’s the real picture…  While there are more add-ons listed in the WordPress directory, the number of downloads in the Joomla! Extensions Directory is far higher and more than double the average per extension!  Drupal’s data is incomplete, but included is an educated guess based averages of their provided usage data. (Joomla! Community Portal)

According to Joomla!’s stats (as shown below), 138,976,526 extensions have been downloaded compared to 124,149,718 WordPress plugins despite having about half of the available custom third party extensions/plugins. read more

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November 23, 2009

Why Lowering the Barriers to Blogging is a Good Thing

During a recent conversation about WordPress with some fellow bloggers, the issue of WordPress’ 2.9 features came up.

Though I am a heavy WordPress user, running it on half a dozen blogs and writing for three other sites that use it, I wasn’t particularly blown away by the feature list. Though some things struck me as nice, such as post thumbnails and a “trash” can, and others seem to have great long term potential, such as comment metadata and custom post types, many of the much-touted features didn’t seem to be that useful to me.

Image editing is a nice idea, but I already have more image editors than I can count. Likewise, the easier media embedding seemed odd as I’ve never once felt it was too hard or too time-consuming to embed a clip into my site. Copying and pasting a few lines of code just is not that intimidating to me.

But my friends then pointed out something to me, these features weren’t intended for me. Old hats such as myself might grow to find these features convenient, but they certainly aren’t necessary.

They aren’t tools for the people who are blogging vets, but for those who want to start blogging, will be soon or just started. New blogging users, especially those without a lot of technical expertise, have different needs and they are changing the way CMSs, including WordPress, design and build their systems. These changes will affect all of us but, in the long run, will have a positive impact. read more

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November 21, 2009

How Did WordPress Defeat Joomla And Drupal As The Best Open Source CMS?

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Whenever I think of open sourced CMS (Content Management System), I often think of Drupal and Joomla which are used by web masters to make powerful websites without breaking the bank.

So you can imagine my surprise when WordPress–software created primarily for blogging–defeated Joomla and Drupal as the Overall Best Open Source CMS for 2009.

Update: Corrections made to article. See below for details.
read more

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