LiveJournal Cuts Workforce, Doomed?

Bad news for 20 employees at LiveJournal, they just got sacked, leaving only 8 left to run the now Russian social network. Vallyewag broke the story, and found this LiveJournal blog that tells of no severance package and a total lack of advance warnings. Ouch. I bet Six Apart is happy it sold the service to SUP in time.

Hopefully the LiveJournal service will not suffer too much because of this, but if I were a user I’d start getting backups. I doubt LiveJournal will go all JournalSpace on us, but still, you never know.

JournalSpace blogging platform dies: why you must keep your own backups

It may not have been the largest free blogging platform available, but for anyone who used JournalSpace for their blog the events of the last week were catastrophically significant.

Three days ago, JournalSpace lost all of its data. Yes, all of it. The hardware itself was intact, which means that either the OS X Server suffered a major failure or someone with malicious intent wiped the hard drives. [Read more…]