Klout Finally Adds Facebook Pages Support

Klout Facebook Page

Klout Facebook Page

Facebook pages are now integrated into Klout scoring. In announcing the new feature Klout feature the company predicts that users with a Klout score between 70-80 has an average of 13,000 users talking about their Facebook page.

By connecting your brand or organization’s Facebook Fan page your Klout conversation increases and hence your score goes up.

The announcement comes just one month after the social media metrics website pushed out a new look and updated Klout scores.

Joe Fernandez, founder and CEO of Klout tells Mashable:

“We went from about 100 variables that we were looking at to over 400. We’re looking at a bunch of new stuff.”

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BlogHerald Week In Review: Sweden, Klout, Google’s New Hire and More

Social Media

Social MediaIt has been a busy week in the world of social media as employees jump ship, Blackberry finally receives an assist from Facebook and Klout made big changes to their algorithm which they promise will make determining a persons Klout more accurate.

Here are a few of this weeks top social media stories in case you missed them.

1. Finally, Facebook Messenger Available For BlackBerry With Great New Features 

After a very long wait users of Blackberry devices can now pick up an official Facebook messenger application. Among the programs best features are the “who’s online” real-time option which also shows when a friend is typing, support for 12 languages and location based sharing. Facebook Messenger for Blackberry devices also features push notifications and plenty of other bells and whistles.  [Read more…]

Klout Changes Algorithm, Many Users Find Scores Negatively Effected

Klout Logo

Klout LogoSocial ranking website Klout announced on Wednesday that they have changed the algorithm used to provide users with Klout scores.

According to Klout director of ranking Ash Rust the new scoring model:

“Represents the biggest step forward in accuracy, transparency and our technology in Klout’s history.”

During a blog post last week Klout CEO Joe Fernandez explained his company’s changes while noting that:

“A majority of users will see their scores stay the same or go up but some users will see a drop.”

While some users may be angered by their sudden Klout score decrease the company says their new system will provide users with an analytics platform of sorts which will provide them with reasons for their lowered score.  [Read more…]

Foursquare Check-Ins Now Part Of Klout Algorithm

Klout With Foursquare Scoring

Klout logoKlout users who pay close attention to their own Klout score and the scores of their friends, business partners and other users will now discover that the company has added Foursquare check-ins to the mix, adding more user based information to their overall social reach algorithm.

Foursquare is added to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn which was added to the program in June.

Adding Foursquare to your Klout account is a very simple process, first log into your Klout dashboard, next click on the “Foursquare” button at which point you can use your login name or Facebook and Twitter accounts to tie your Foursquare account to your Klout account.

Klout has picked up a lot of steam ever since they announced the +K button which allows users to give Klout to fellow users in specific areas deemed “influential” for that user by Klout.

While it is still unclear how Klout will integrate Foursquare with their system it’s likely that a users badges, mayorships, friend counts and location based check-ins at physical locations will all be taken into consideration. [Read more…]