Free Blog Platform for Beginners: Kontain

Blogging platforms WordPress and Blogger still rule the roost (though this blogger digs SquareSpace), but there is a newcomer on the scene. Meet Kontain.

If you are not technically inclined, and willing to sacrifice fashion over form, this could be the platform for you. In other words, this could be your daddy’s platform.

To get started you simply need to input your e-mail address (and verify it within 15 days).

Your blog URL with be Kontain/BlogNameHere.

Media upload limits:

50 items per entry
100MB maximum size per file
250MB total monthly upload

The folks at Kontain plan to introduce social networking options such as friend following some time next year. Read more here.

2009 is right around the corner. If one of your resolutions is to start blogging, Kontain gives you one less excuse. If you’re an experienced blogger, move on!