Lady Gaga Launches ‘Little Monsters’ Social Network

Little Monsters Social Network

Little Monsters Social Network

Lady Gaga has taken Twitter and Facebook by storm, amassing the biggest social media following on the planet, now she’s taking her love of social media one step further, launching the “Little Monsters” social network, a website devoted solely to Lady Gaga fans.

With the voting functionality of Reddit and a Pinterest-based design Gaga could quickly define an entirely new segment for big stars looking to better engage their followers. Then again almost no other artist on the planet has the fan based currently being experienced by Lady gaga.

Located at the website allows fans to created Gaga-related content, talk with other “Little Monsters” and then showcase their favorite fan created social shares.

The network was created with the help of developer Backplane, a startup created by Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter and Backplane CEO Matt Michelsen alongside former Google designer Joey Primiani and former Palantir director of operations Alex Moore. [Read more…]

Myspace employees down to 200, will Justin Timberlake turn things around?

Myspace. Does it really have a heart after firing more employees?

Myspace. Does it really have a heart after firing more employees?

From 1,400 employees two years ago, the number of employees at Myspace now number just around 200.  This development follows after News Corp. sold the social networking site to Specific Media and after Justin Timberlake, who portrayed Sean Parker in the movie “Social Network”, joined the company.

Myspace, was sold for $580 million to Rupert Murdoch.  The plan back then, according to Business Insider was to “merge MySpace into Yahoo and save Yahoo from Microsoft’s clutches…as long as Yahoo agreed to value MySpace at something like $10 billion.”  Myspace was recently sold for just $30 million.

Tim Vanderhook, Specific Media CEO, is practically singing the same song.  According to an article in CNET plans to use Myspace to build a “digital media company on par with Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, and all the other big names out there.”

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