Crisis Averted: Thesis Submits To WordPress GPL


After a heated debate between the founder of WordPress (Matt Mullenweg) and the creator of the mighty Thesis theme (Chris Pearson), it looks like cooler minds have prevailed with Pearson finally embracing GPL for Thesis via a split license.

Friends and lovers: Thesis now sports a split GPL license. Huzzah for harmony!#thesiswp (via @Pearson) […]

@tomoswyn It has no practical implications for 99.9% of people. It just means the PHP is GPLv2 and the CSS, JS, and images are proprietary. (via @Pearson)

Previously Mullenweg hinted at taking Pearson to court over the GPL violation, which resulted in many bloggers debating over whether or not GPL could be enforced upon a theme developers (at least within the US). [Read more…]

MSNBC Media Host May Sue Blog Over Domain Name?


With lawsuits being the theme of today, it looks like we may have another case where a media personality fails to secure a domain name based on their first and last name.

Apparently the Daily Caller (by Tucker Carlson who is conservative) purchased which currently masks the Daily Caller’s website.

MSNBC’s host Keith Olberman apparently did not have enough common sense to secure his own domain name to prevent this scenario, and it looks like this whole fiasco may head to court. [Read more…]

Updates: Copyright Cases to Watch

Last year on this site, I wrote a series of articles about important copyright cases that could seriously impact blogging and the Internet at large. All in all there were five such cases, each with the ability to drastically change how bloggers and other Web publishers operated.

Now that more than a year has passed since the original articles, it seems like a good time to go back and see what has happened with those cases where, they sit right now and where they are likely heading. [Read more…]