Perez Hilton’s Blog for Women Leaks

Perez Hilton’s upcoming “women’s blog” is named CocoPerez (!) and while you can’t visit it just yet, the folks at Evil Beet Gossip managed to get around the passwords wall to take a sneak peak. And some screenshots of course. I’ll not repost theme here, but you might want to giggle for a little while about the logo:


Perez Hilton in the middle, that’s what women want in a blog? Jezebel’s Tracie Egan isn’t too worried, and said site also picks CocoPerez to pieces in a post. Sure, they’re a bit biased, but it is a funny read nonetheless, snarky and with a touch of the old days when the blogosphere sucked even harder. I think this will be fun to watch.

CocoPerez is slated to go online sometime today if reports are to be believed.

Blogger Arrested Accused of Leaking Guns n’ Roses Songs

Kevin Cogill, probably more known as Skwerl over at music blog Antiquiet, where he leaked 9 Guns n’ Roses songs from the upcoming album Chinese Democracy, was arrested by the FBI this morning. According to the blog, the FBI picked him up early, and Antiquiet had decided not to make a big deal about it, that is, until LA Times picked it up. That sparked the follow-up post where we learn that Kevin was released at a $10,000 bail, and that the preliminary hearing has been scheduled for September 17, at 4:30 PM. [Read more…]

New FriendFeed Coming Soon, Found in Web Stats

A new version of FriendFeed is in the works, perhaps not so surprisingly in itself, but it might be coming pretty soon. MG Siegler over on VentureBeat got it confirmed, after spotting the domain in his Flickr traffic logs. It is getting harder and harder to keep web apps secret, I’ve had clients in the past who got unwanted attention to online services in an early stage, for instance.

It could, however, work the other way around. Since a lot of bloggers are watching their statistics closely, this could be a way to leak information of a new service to get some bonus coverage before going out flexing the PR muscles?