Lijit Launches Its Ad Network

Lijit has launched its ad network, which CEO Todd Vernon talked about in an interview previously. He outlines the beta in a blog post:

In this release, publishers will be able to opt-in to the search-based ad network and begin receiving a share of the revenue for ad units displayed in your search results. As a thank you for your patience while we’ve been developing and testing these features, your account will be pre-loaded with a credit for estimated revenues based on your search history during this period (a minimum of $5).

We’re not done yet! In the near future those publishers who have opted in to Lijit’s Ad Network will be able to sell their search based ads directly to advertisers with whom they may already have relationships, targeting just their own publication and making even more money for themselves. This is going to be big!

Maybe this is what’s needed to get more websites and blogs (in particular) to switch their standard search box to a Lijit powered one?

Om Malik talks with Lijit

Om Malik, over at Gigaom, interviewed Todd Vernon, CEO of Lijit, about their startup and their plans for monetization over time:

The company’s widget is used by more than 4,500 publishers, mostly blogs, with 60 new ones joining every day. So far, they are seeing about 330,000 searches a day, and the company plans to build an opt-in ad-network around these searches.

Vernon explained that since the company has more contextual information -– such as the topic of a blog and the very content being created by the blog writers — it can target advertising at a more granular level and, as a result, get better click-throughs.

Lijit recently raised $7.1m in a second round of funding.

Lijit CEO Todd Vernon on Securing $7.1M, and the Search Ad Network


Lijit is a search company that lets you mash all your online presences into one, and search them. We’ve just recently implemented them here on The Blog Herald, and b5media is among their clients. The news that they had secured $7.1 million in Series C funding reached the blogosphere yesterday, as did further hints of their upcoming ad network. Basically, it seems like they’ll be sharing the search revenue garnered by their search widget with publishers, being mostly bloggers I guess.

Lijit CEO Todd Vernon agreed to answer a few questions regarding this. [Read more…]