How To Defend Yourself Against Negative SEO

One of the reasons I love working online and running a website is that it lets me mind my own business. Iíve never been one for office politics and I hate the idea of having a Ďbossí so Iíve never been particularly partial to working your typical office job. As such then, I also donít appreciate it when my work as a blogger starts to turn political and the whole thing starts to degrade into something like a schoolyard shouting match. Isnít that the kind of thing lots of us are trying to avoid?

Unfortunately though where thereís money to be made there will always be those willing to resort to unscrupulous methods, and to try to blow out our candle to make theirs blow brighter. This is where Ďnegative SEOí comes in Ė which is the point at which bloggers stop concentrating on themselves and on offering a great site, and instead start thinking about how they can get ahead by taking down the competition and getting their sites penalized. Find yourself a victim then and you can see your website drop from the top spot in the SERPs to page eight and even see your content and design ruined. Itís unsettling, itís unfair and it can potentially cost you a lot of money. [Read more…]