MyPermissions Shows Which Developers Have Access To Social Profiles, Offers Management

MyPermissions App

These days it’s easy to give dozens, even hundreds of developers access to your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…). Those developers typically use that data to post information with your permission, pull your feeds for use on other accounts and for various other reasons.

While most developer uses won’t hurt your social media standing it’s still a good idea to manage those accounts. For that specific purpose the MyPermissions program was created.

The program was created by Avi Charkham when he became frustrated having to search eight different app pages for his numerous social media accounts.  [Read more…]

LinkedIn User Base Grows By 60% In 2011


LinkedInSharing their second ever earnings statement as a publicly traded company LinkedIn revealed on Tuesday that the company has witnessed 60% user growth in 2011.

The company also revealed that more of their increased user base comes from unique visitors, an important metric for advertising purposes while their revenue has doubled.

LinkedIn also announced that 51% of their quarterly revenue was helped along by their Hiring Solutions which makes perfect sense during a down economy.

In the coming months LinkedIn hopes to expound upon their success with new applications including the Apply Through LinkedIn applications while targeting newly graduated students thanks to the recently launched Classmates tool.  [Read more…]

HootSuite Platform Adds LinkedIn Company Pages And Groups

Hootsuite with LinkedIn Integration

Hootsuite LinkedIn LogoHootsuite on Thursday announced the integration of LinkedIn Company Pages and Groups to their social media management platform.

The previous version of Hootsuite only offered access to a users main LinkedIn profile.

Using the new Hootsuite feature LinkedIn users can send company status updates and even start group discussions directly from inside the Hootsuite product.  [Read more…]

LinkedIn Now Allows Users To Add Volunteer Experience To Profiles


LinkedInLinkedIn on Wednesday announced a new profile field called Volunteer Experience & Causes, a section which allows users to highlight any unpaid and charitable work experience they have accomplished.

Using the system users can click on specific causes and fill out their experience profile for example users will already find the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity in the system. Users can also add specific organizations to the system if they have not already been added.

The site decided to add the feature after they conducted a recent survey which found that out of 2,000 U.S. professionals, 41% said they use charitable work experience when evaluating candidates for a position. In fact those same professionals say charitable work matters just as much as paid work with 20% revealing that they have hired workers based on volunteer experience. [Read more…]

‘Apply With LinkedIn’ Button Goes Live With Easy Integration, Simple Application Process

LinkedIn Apply Within Referral System

Apply With LinkedIn ButtonLinkedIn on Monday officially released the “Apply With LinkedIn” button which allows social media friendly businesses to accept job applications via a users LinkedIn profile.

The social network is calling their new feature “the future of job applications” which they say will include making the job application process as simple as a click.

The button functions in the same was as the Facebook Like and Twitter tweet buttons, allowing users to embed a job application button on their website. Once a user clicks on the button they are given the opportunity to request references from their contacts.

Here’s a closer look at the simple referral request display: [Read more…]

LinkedIn Revamps Profiles For Recent College Grads, Helps Them Gain A Step Up

LinkedIn College Profile Section

LinkedIn LogoLeaving college with a nice new shiny degree, very little experience and loads of student debt can be a daunting reality which is why LinkedIn on Friday rolled out new student profile pages that are meant to highlight a students accomplishments for potential employers.

The new profiles allow recent graduates to add all of their accomplishments to their profile, showing future employers all of their “non-business” but related experiences in one easy to view screen.

Among a users new profile features are: projects, honors and awards, organizations, courses taken in college and even test scores from major tests. [Read more…]

Flipboard Partners with LinkedIn, Offers Better Performance On Every Level

Flipboard Economist Integration

Flipboard for iPadFlipboard on Thursday rolled out version 1.5 of their popular social news reading application for iPad and with that new release comes improved navigation, integration with LinkedIn and the ability to better share and find news.

Users of Flipboard can now explore as many feeds as they would like (instead of the former 21 feeds limit), while conducting cross-network searches on any subject the user chooses without using “complex” setup processes.

One very cool bit of integration is the ability to pull up a publications Twitter feed, explore what they have posted and then jump into those articles back in the flipboard app by clicking on Twitter URLs via the account: [Read more…]

LinkedIn Finally Gets Android App; Two Years After iPhone

LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn version 1.0 has finally arrived for Google Android users. The app is the first released by the business social network for the world’s best selling smartphone OS, despite the fact that an iPhone application has been available since 2008.

Users the Android 1.0 app users are able to search the site, send messages, view updates and more.

The application specifically offers six “modules” which include updates, search, connections, invitations, messages and “reconnect” where users can find members, accept or deny connection requests and even find connection suggestions and check out their timeline updates.

According to LinkedIn there Android application is:

“A continuation of our efforts to help you leverage the power of your professional network anywhere, anytime.” [Read more…]

LinkedIn Passes 100 Million Users, Celebrates With Infographic

LinkedIn Image

LinkedIn ImageLinkedIn on Tuesday announced that they have passed the 100 million registered users mark and to celebrate they have provided an infographic of interesting facts about the company.

You may recall that LinkedIn passed 85 million users just 6 months ago (October 2010). 15 million users is an impressive number when you consider that the company took six years to pass the 50 million point.

Among some of the company’s most interesting infographic stats; 56% of LinkedIn’s users live outside the United States with Brazil among the company’s quickest growing markets, while there are more than 1 million teachers using LinkedIn.

Other info includes private vs. public sector numbers, peak usage times, the number of members in groups and the most represented company’s on the site which includes Amazon and Cisco among others.

Here’s the LinkedIn Infographic: [Read more…]

What Is LinkedIn Today?

LinkedIn hasn’t shied away from improving its service by adding new features, the most recent being its revamped company search feature. Continuing the trend is LinkedIn Today, a newspaper that aggregates the latest social news.

LinkedIn Today puts a new spin on aggregating social news and displays what’s relevant to your industry keeping you up to date on your field. LinkedIn takes a familiar approach by pulling content from the Twitter feeds of relevant and respected online publications. Categories include Online Media, Internet, IT, Marketing & Advertising, Computer Software and Design.
[Read more…]